Is there any way to cure skin cancer without going to a doctor?

        Is there any way to cure skin cancer without going to a doctor?

Is there any way to cure skin cancer without going to a doctor?_

“Every single bad day is better than no day at all.”  - Deanne Wehrung (a cancer survivor)

Being healthy is what everyone desires, however not everyone is lucky enough to always stay away from the hospital and not falling sick at all. We all fall sick at some or the other time in our lives, while some of us suffer from minor diseases which can be treated easily and does do any major harm to the life of the patient but whereas some of us may suffer from diseases like Cancer, Heart, Kidney or Liver Disease which changes our life forever.

And CANCER, well you all might have seen someone or the other close to you or around you suffering from cancer right? And that might have terrified you because of how dangerous that disease can be. CANCER, although just a six letter word, has a lot of negative impact on the minds of the people, because of the fact that one can hardly see anyone getting recovered from cancer and living a happy life, because what most of the times we see is cancer leading to the death of our loved ones. Thus, one can see that a lot of awareness has been rising against cancer, it’s symptoms, types and treatment so that people don’t have to lose their loved ones to a deadly disease yet again.

But this also makes us come to the point where it becomes necessary to know about cancer, it’s types and so on. But because today we are talking skin cancer and if we have any cure for skin cancer without visiting the doctor. So let’s have a quick look at what is cancer, skin cancer, it’s types, symptoms and so on.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a type of disease in which some of the body’s cells grow crazily and outspreads to other parts of the body. 

Cancer can develop anywhere and everywhere in the human body, which is made up of billions & billions of cells. Usually, human cells grow and multiply (through a process known as cell division) to form new cells as it the necessity of the body. When cells grow old or become damaged, they die, and new cells appear in place of the old ones.

However once in a while this orderly procedure breaks down, and abnormal or damaged cells grow and multiply in a crazy manner when they shouldn’t. And these abnormal or damaged cells may form tumours, (Tumours are nothing but lumps of tissues). Although Tumours can either be cancerous or non - cancerous (also known as benign).


What is Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer is nothing but the abnormal growth of the skin cells and most often develops on the skin that is most exposed in the sunlight. But that doesn’t mean that one can be affected by skin cancer on the areas not exposed to the sun. There are three main types of Skin Cancer and they are as follows:

·         Basal cell carcinoma,

·         Squamous cell carcinoma and

·         Melanoma

And they have got their names from the different layers of the skin, meaning the layer of the skin where the cancer cells grow or develop.

Where does Skin Cancer Start?

Most skin cancers start in the upper layer of the skin, called the epidermis. And there are 3 main types of cells in the epidermis, which are known as:

• Squamous cells: Squamous cells are flat cells in the upper (outer) part of the epidermis, which constantly break down as new ones form. When these cells grow out of control, they can develop into squamous cell carcinoma (also called squamous cell carcinoma).

• Basal cells: Basal cells are located at the base of the epidermis, called the basal cell layer. These cells constantly divide to form a new cell and replace the aging squamous cells on the surface of the skin. As these cells grow in the epidermis, they become flattering, thus becoming squamous cells. Skin cancer that starts in the basal cell layer is called basal cell cancer or basal cell carcinomas.

• Melanocytes: Melanocytes are cells that form a brown pigment called melanin, which causes the skin to darken or turn brown. Melanin (the pigment which gives the colour to the skin) acts as a natural sunscreen for the body, thus protecting the deeper layers of the skin from some of the harmful effects of the sun. And Melanoma skin cancer starts in these very cells.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Skin Cancer?

Although Skin Cancer itself is one of the most common types of cancer, we still have different types of skin cancer and, let's take a look at which type of skin cancer is most common.

Of all the different types of skin cancer, Basal and squamous cell cancer are the most common types of skin cancer. They usually start on the upper layer of the skin (known as the epidermis), and are usually caused by exposure to the sun.

And now let’s finally see if there is any way to cure skin cancer without going to the doctor.

There are different types of treatments available for treating cancer, and some of the most common ones are Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Surgery, Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery, Laser Surgery, so forth and so on. And all the mentioned about methods are some of the best proven treatments for cancer. Although, even after having these treatments available, people still look for treatments like food diets, exercises and so on, so that they would not have to visit the doctor, spend a lot of money and also go through the painful process of surgery or chemotherapy.

However for people who are interested in knowing about the available alternative treatments, we shall let you know.

So, one may have heard of other or related alternatives that their doctor has not mentioned to treat their cancer or relieve symptoms. These methods can include many things ranging from vitamins, herbs, and special diets, or other methods such as acupuncture or massage, while these are just to name a few.

The accompanying methods refer to the treatment used and their general medical care. Alternative therapies are used instead of medical treatment. While some of these methods may be helpful in relieving symptoms or helping you to feel better, many have not been proven effective. Some may be dangerous.


Thus, make sure one should talk to their cancer care team about any method you plan to use. They can help them learn what is known (or unknown) about the method, which can help one make an informed decision.

Thus, while it is okay to try these alternative techniques but it is always advised to follow the guidance and visit the doctor before trying anything on your own without the doctor’s permission, as cancer is a dangerous disease, even though when it comes to skin cancer the fatality rate is very low, but still doesn’t guarantee anything. And following anything blindly just because we have heard somewhere or read it and to save money and ourselves from the pain without the proper guidance of one’s doctor is very wrong and one should take care of it because always remember “Life is important and you get one chance to live that life. So be careful of what you do and how.”

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