BTS World Tour 2022-India to welcome K-pop band for first time ever

BTS World Tour 2022-India to welcome K-pop band for first time ever

BTS World Tour 2022-India to welcome K-pop band for first time

BTSseven-member K-pop bandis certainly the most popular musical band in the whole world in recent years.Their popularity has surpassed all the records and you can find theirs fansor “army”, as they call themselves, in every country. In India there are more than 1 million fans, who are completely obsessed with the band.

So it’s time to rejoice and scream with joy for the desi army, because BTS may make an appearance in India as part of their world tour. This world tour is set to happen in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, Latin America, and many more.

When the pandemic started, the news of them visiting India was relayed by the Asian community and their label Big Hit. They confirmed that as soon as the pandemic will be over BTS may do a concert in India. It looks like the wait is finally over as they are about to start their world tour, and they may start it from India. 

Ease on pandemic restrictions.

Governments around the world have eased the restrictions on pandemic, making it possible for the BTS to tour around the world. The news was confirmed by the Asian Community News on 6 Nov, 2020. 

They said that Bangtan concert may start from Asia, particularly India. This exciting news is all set to come to pass,, taking the BTS army in India on cloud nine. If the pandemic remains under control, and there is no surge in the cases, then India will definitely be on their list of dozen places. 

Message from the outgoing director of Korean Culture Centre in India.

In his exit message Kim Kum Pyoung had a message for the Indian fans, I am sure that you will meet BTS right after the Corona pandemic. I am sure that India will be the first destination for BTS on their next round of world tour.”

He was the director of KCCI for 10 years in India and with his retirement he gave a wonderful gift to BTS fans.

What made BTS choose India as one of their destination?

India, owing to its huge populationhas the largest number of young people. And, with these huge youncrowdsBTS has made quite a name for themselves. India has millions of BTS fan, and not only common people, but BTS enjoys the fan following from Bollywood too. 

All the Bangtan army in India have repeatedly expressed their desire for them to have their concert in the country. So it looks like they have finally noticed their massive fan following and have decided to treat the fans with their performance. 

Where in India will BTS perform?

As soon as the news of BTS performing in India was released, fans went crazy and the only thing they wanted to know was the city in which they will be performing. 

According to the organiserof K-pop concerts in India the largest stadium in India that is Narendra Modi stadium in Gujarat, is reserved for their performance. This is the only place they have confirmed, and maybe they will perform in more than one city. As of now no new city is confirmed, except Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

This is certainly new development for anyone in India, as in the pastwhenever any global icons has performed, it has primarily  been in Mumbai or Delhi. 

What dates have been finalised?

As of nowthe dates on which BTS will perform have not been finalised. According to the sources only the places are finalised. The news of when they will start their tour has not been relayed. So in short nothing is yet finalised

Are these Rumours or they true?

Many people in India have shown scepticism towards the BTS concert. According to themno credible news sources have confirmed the details, and the only confirmed news is from when the pandemic started. 

The fans have taken to Twitter to share this concern , saying HYBthe entertainment companyhas not confirmed anything. As a result, the news can only be rumours. 

If it is a rumourthe BTS army will be heartbroken as their hopes habeen high after some news media claimed that BTS would come to India. 

But some are holding out the hope until the official statement from HYBE. 

Other K-pop artists who have held concerts in India.

If BTS will perform in India, it will not be the first artist from Korea to do so. In the past many Korean artists have had concerts in the country.

• KARD: This four member band performed in 2020 in Delhi and Guwahati.
• VAV: This band has visited India twice once in 2015 and then again in 2019.
• IN2IT: This band performed in India in 2019 in Mumbai. Along with their own songs they also grooved to. Bollywood song, leaving their audience elated.
• Alexa: When IN2IT performed in India, Alexa also performed at the same time and same venue.
• Jang HanByul: This solo singer performed in Dimapur, Nagaland in 2019. He also sang the rendition of a song by Arijit Singh.
• M.O.N.T: This band of three people have visited India twice once in 2018 and then again in 2019.
• Dabit: This American-Korean singer have visited India multiple times and even had a meet and greet in Bengaluru.
• MustB: They graced the stage in Indian city of Nagaland in the hornbill festival.
• Live Yubin: The solo artist also performed in Nagaland in the Hornbill musical festival.

If BTS performs in Indiait will be the first big concert in the country after the pandemic. And for the ever-growing BTS army in India, it will be dream come true.

According to the sourcesone thing that they are saying with certainty is that the concert will be this year. 

However, only the near future will tell whether BTS will hold a concert in India or not. I do hope for all the BTS fans that it is true and they get the pleasure of listening to their favourite band live once in their life. 


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