What is Obsessive Love Disorder?

Get back From the Track, A danger waits for you: “Obsessive Love Disorder “will eat your Brain, but what is Obsessive Love Disorder?

Get back From the Track, A danger waits for you: “Obsessive Love Disorder “will eat your Brain,  but what is Obsessive Love Disorder? _ichhori.com


Do you always check Instagram posts of that one person you are obsessed with every time? You always gain butterflies in your stomach whenever that person calls you. However, you always feel that without that person, you will be now where. If these are some of the symptoms you've been facing, you can be diagnosed with “Obsessive Love Disorder”.
You don’t have to feel ashamed about it. It is an unerring rhythm to discuss the same. Before I introduce you to the meaning and assumptions, let us know the terminology and the basic definition of it. “Obsessive Love Disorder” signifies the condition where you actually become obsessed with the person whom you believe you are in love with or try to be a protective person as if that person is your possession. 
While no separate medical or psychological categorization is required for the OLD, it is advisable in that case to understand the issues and consult a doctor that can help you cope with the situation. Experts suggest that dealing with the obsession with  other person can be devastating and can  destroy you physically as well as mentally. 

The foundation of this affliction is: (Causes)

1) A Formidable attraction to one person.

It is not awkward to get attracted to someone, but to what extent? Create your own battalion because you have to understand. Because you understand that at what point, you chase that person. Because when people reject you, it injects a mechanical brain. Whenever you get a formidable attraction to someone, it is usually advisable to get a clarity check at which higher stage you will go to attain a formidable passiveness.


2) Obsessive thoughts about the person.

Experts define it as dangerous to see the fact that people are more into obsessive thoughts about the person. However, this action is mostly seen in the teenagers where they daily keep a track of their pages, do unnecessary stunts that will make their character more shabby in front of the people.


3) Always have the desire to hang around with that person.

The person diagnosed with the disease is more obsessed with hanging with the persons whom they love. Sometimes, it goes into that manner, where you don’t want to make any human connections further in their life. This makes them more impulsive and depressive at the same moment.

4) Extreme Jealous over other interpersonal interactions.

There is an interrelation between the things that we are discussing right now at this point. When you get obsessed with that person, your mind won’t definitely allow that person to blather with another person, especially an opposite partner. 


Now, let us discuss the causes of the obsessions that a person goes through in that phase: I, as a team member, researched maximum people who face difficulties with two disorders.

Attachment disorders:

This group of disorders occurs to those people who have emotional attachment issues, such as a lack of empathy and obsession with the other person. Types of attachment disorders include dis-inhibited social engagement disorder (DSED) and reactive attachment disorder (RAD), and they both develop during childhood from negative experiences with parents or other adult caregivers. With the former part, you will be over-friendly and may not take precautions around strangers. With the latter part, you will face difficulty in getting along with the others.

Hallucinatory Jealousy:

This is the phase where you, as a person, believed that the person you loved immensely has reciprocated the same affections for you. Which is indeed not true? This type of disorder is two dangerous, and it totally delusions you into another world.  The Survey revealed that this happens because of alcoholism.


Erotomania is a convergence between delusional and obsessive love disorders. With Erotomania, you may feel some famous personality loves you and wants to be with you forever. This can lead to the harassment of the other person, such as showing up at their home and workplace.
Not to worry, Just Hold your hands and I will take you to the concomitants, which will eventually help you actually to get some of the relief from the disorder. The precise treatment and proposal would be to understand the process both through the combination of medication and psychotherapy. Medication is being bolstered to adjust the brain hormones. And Psychotherapy includes the therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, play therapy, and talk therapy. The professional and therapist will guide you depending on the requirement and personal preferences and might engage in group or individual therapy.
The professional and therapist will guide you depending on the requirement and personal preferences and might engage in group or individual therapy. It is also helpful to be involved in the therapies with families if the stem is involved in the group itself. Also, what I found is a lot of analysis. If you allow me to share the part, you must continue your treatment for sure. If you stop your treatment, it will get back to the disordered state. We, from the “Icchori team,” wish you that this piece of information creates valuable assets in your life. 

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