The link between PCOS and bipolar disorder?/ Is there a link between PCOS and bipolar disorder?

The link between PCOS and bipolar disorder?/ Is there a link between PCOS and bipolar disorder?

The link between PCOS and bipolar disorder?/ Is there a link between PCOS and bipolar disorder?

Let us discuss the topic that you totally avoid.

Hello! I always get so amazed whenever I, on the behalf of the ‘icchori Community’ interact with you every day. This is a fascinate voyage for every wonderful colleen when you first receive their first period or feel overjoyed about the normal menstrual cycle. However, let’s be very truthful to ourselves. However, there are moments in the life of the beautiful Homo-sapiens facing troubles related to the discharge ailment. The one element that the ‘icchori community’ is going to talk about is-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a healthy sickness that affects solitary in 10 women of child-bearing age. It is caused by an imbalance of procreant hormones. According to the mechanism, the ovaries make the egg released each month as part of the healthy menstrual cycle. According to the mechanism, the ovaries make the egg released each month as part of the healthy menstrual cycle. With this disease, the egg may not be prepared to release during ovulation. When we researched about the ‘office on mental health’ survey. They showed us the statistics that between the age group of 15 to 44 or during the years when you a woman is prepared to undergo being a mother. Most women find out have (PCOS) in their 20- 30 years when they have problems getting pregnant and seeing their doctor. Your problem with PCOS may be higher if you have obesity or if you have a mother, sister, or aunt with PCOS.

Causes of PCOS:

1) High- level of Androgens:

Androgens are sometimes called “male hormones.” Although, all women have more or fewer secretions. But when women face PCOS, it can prevent women from releasing ovaries from an egg during each menstrual cycle and can cause hair expansion. And also lead to extra hair growth and acne.

2) High- level of endocrine:

Insulin is a hormone that controls how the food you eat is changed into energy. Insulin resistance is when the body cells do not respond normally to insulin. Henceforth, insulin blood levels become higher than normal. Many people have detrimental eating habits, no physical activity, and have a family history of diabetes.

Symptoms of (PCOS):

The Prodrome of the synonyms includes missed periods, irregular menstruation, or very light periods.

1) Ovaries that are enormous and have a cyst. 

2) Excessive body hair, including the chest and the stomach and back pain.

3) Weight gain, especially around the abdomen.

4) Incorporation of male hormones or thinning of the skin.

5) Dark skin or thick patches on the back of the neck, in the armpits, and under the breasts.

Therapeutics of the (PCOS)

The treatment of PCOS depends on several factors. The treatment depends on individual factors, including age, body shape, etc.

1) Inter-changing of dietary habits:

A healthy diet and more physical activity can help you lose weight and reduce your symptoms. They can also help your body use insulin more efficiently, decrease blood glucose levels and help you ovulate. 

2) Pharmaceuticals to cause ovulation:

Medication can help the ovaries to release eggs normally. These medications have certain risks. This will increase the chance of conglomerate births. And they can cause more ovarian hyper stimulation. This is when the ovaries release too many hormones. This can cause symptoms such as pelvic pain. Also, to have birth control capsules, lower secretion levels, and reduce whiteheads.

However, when we talk about (PCOS). It is important to understand that it is important that we talk about Bipolar Disorder. This is not the end, people. We are going to excite you with another terminology that has been mentioned above.

Bipolar Disorder:

The whole ‘icchori community was curious about bipolardisease. And here we came to know about the institutions called ‘National Institute of Mental Health’ which describes the bipolar disease as the alternating episodes of high and low mood. Which describes mood disruption at a higher level? It essentially ramifies the energy levels, slumber patterns, and will dramatically affect a person’s behavior work, relationships, and other aspects of the creature. Most people experience mood changes simultaneously and are more intense than regular mood changes. Some people experience psychosis, which also includes delusions, hallucinations. Some aspects include bipolar disorder can make the person feel good. During the upraised mood, they may find they are more sociable, talkative, and innovative.


In the report of “International Bipolar Association, symptoms vary between individuals. For some people, the pain can last for many years or for several months. It may include: Feeling weird, sleeping little but feeling not tired., missing work or school, sometimes a feeling of gloom or despair, extreme sadness, tiredness, fatigue, and incompetence for going to work, possibly leading to underperformance.

We gave you the briefings of the two different syndromes that the woman faces in time. Now, our whole motive was to make you aware of the two forms and can link the two parts of your life. I can claim decently the way we are generating a link. No one has ever shown you. Now, hold on to scrutiny and refresh your mind to get awareness. 

According to the Indian Express, PCOS Awareness Month 2020; stated there is a link between PCOS and Bipolar disorder. Beforehand discussed that a woman with PCOS can often have symptoms ranging from excessive body hair, acne, weight gain, and also infertility in severe cases. Dr. Alka Kriplani from Paras Hospitals, Guru gram commented specifically, Women suffering from this condition are more likely to suffer from health problems like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

The research has been conducted at the University of Cardiff assessed the mental health chronicle of over 17,000 women diagnosed with the condition. The repercussions showed that those with PCOS were more likely to be diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disease. However, the common linkage that experts created is that they are unaware of the causes and the conditions. It is simply both the physical and mental assertions that can eventually lead to mood swings, which can lead to several mood swings. Such variegated emotions can affect one’s emotional, mental health.

Dr. Kriplani also pointed out that the treatment of mental health is a multi-branched approach. According to her, cognitive therapy can help in treating PCOS and anxiety approach. Therapy emphasizes experiencing general issues. Creation of little journaling to understand the emotional patterns and the thoughts that affect feeling emotional instability. The best tip is to practice self-care, and this is something that has helped millions of people altogether.

This is important to understand that any sort of disease will create a mood swing on its own. Also, it is important to understand that this is a terrible phase and you will get out of it. This information will act as a precious piece of information with you forever. So, it is time to bid farewell, but we are always in your heart. So, take care and best of luck.

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