Ways of making your long-distance relationship work

Ways of making your long-distance relationship work

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Relationships have never been easy, making them work and staying in them takes a lot of time and effort. As people say ‘falling in love is easy, but staying in love is not. Every relationship takework, they are not always light and breezy as shown in movies. Real relationships have their up and down, it depends on you as to how you will handle the situation. It is not to say that happily ever after is a myth. You can have your happily ever after but in that after, life is not always rosy. It becomes more difficult if you are in a long-term relationship. 

Long-term relationships require double effort as your partner is not physically with you. But your relationship doesn't need to suffer. In fact, sometimes distance is what is exactly you need to reignite the spark in your relationship as absence makes the heart grows fonderSo to keep your long-distance relationship together you need to keep your partner entertained and the spark alive. For this purpose, you need to find creative ways to communicate.

Technology plays big role in long-distance relationships. The constant video calls and messages let you keep in touch with your partner. But sometimes that can start to get boring and repetitive with no freshness and romance left in your relationship. So don’t hold back in expressing your love and do not let distance dwindle your passion towards your partnerThe different ways to engage with your partner are: 

1. Have a movie night together

Just because you are not physically together does not mean that you cannot watch movies together. If you want to watch some movie or show with your partner but they are not physically present with you, it does not mean you should wait for them till you are together. With a marvel that is the technology, you can now watch the movies together either by being on call or by face-timing. 

Set a time that works for you both and decide what movie or show you would like to watch togetherThen either face time or call each other and start your movie at the same time. In this way, it feels like you are together and you do not have to watch a movie alone. 

2. Play some games online together

If you are into gaming then you can connect virtually by playing online games together. Many games let you connect with another person through your avatars.  You can get together as a team and play against your opponents. Or if you want to make it more interesting then you can also play against each other. 

Playing online games will give you both something to do together and enjoy it. You may connect better with your partner through this fun activity. 

3. Send gifts to your partner

Sending gifts and surprises to your partner let them know that you are thinking about them and appreciates them. It is not necessary to send gifts only on special occasions. You should surprise them by sending something that they have been talking about buying. It can be a watch, jacket or any other item. 

It is not necessary to send only some extravagant gifts totell them how much you love them. Sending some simple flowers and their favourite desserts can sometimes be more effective. After all, it is the little things that count the most in a relationship. And this simple romantic gesture may go a long way

4. Curate playlists for your partner

In older days mix-tapes were something that you would make to your partner to tell them how you feel through songs. In this digital age, tapes have become obsolete, but you can curate a playlist for your partner either of their favourite songs or songs you want to dedicate to them.

Many song apps let you make a playlist that you can share further. What better way is there to express your feelings through songs. 

5. Start a Countdowfor Your Reunion 

Usually, countdownmake you feel nervous and anxious. They are indication of something is coming to end. But if that countdown indicates the day when you will meet your partner then they can be exhilaration. There isn’t anything sweeter than having a constant reminder when you’ll finally meet each other. 

There are many apps available where you can countdown the time of your reunion. You can put the countdown on your home screen.

6. Surprise Them With a Visit 

Surprises are a sure way of keeping the romance alive in your relationship. Especially if you are in long distance then the most sweet surprise you can give them is a surprise visit. The fewer people you tell, there are fewerchances of getting your secret leaked. Planned trips are amazing, but a surprise visit is ten times better.

All the trouble of keeping it secret is worth it when you see that joy and happiness on your partner's face. 

7. Share Recipes and cook together

You can also interact with your partner by cooking together. Share your recipe with him and teach him how to cook it by cooking alongside him by being on video call. Cooking is therapeutic and you can connect with your partner on a deeper level by sharing your love forthe cooking.

So pick one meal a month or a week that you’ll both cook together and enjoy it with some wine.

8. Go old school romantic way

In the olden days, letters were the way the two lovers would communicate with each other. Writing letters has some otherworldly charm to it. It is more romantic than sending emails. Letters are more personal. We are not suggesting you only write handwritten letters. But handwritten letters have a way to brighten anyone’s day. 

You can personalise and customise the way you want. Write on the paper you want by using whatever coloured pen you want. All these gives a personal touch that online messages and emails lack

9. Make Plans for the next time you are together.

When you are in long-distance relationship you have to make up for the lost time when you meet. So make plansas to what you will do next time you see each other.Make a list together of all the things you want to do. 

Making plans and thinking about what your life will look like when you finally live in the same city again or together. You will have something new to talk about and it always feels good to look something forward to, especially when you're in a long-distance relationship.

10. Plan a virtual date night 

Date nights are something which you should have even ifyou are married to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Now with FaceTime and Zoom, you can make a date night happen not only physically but also virtually. 

Set a time and date, order food or cook together and pair it up with a bottle of wine. It may not feel as good as the date night in reality. But it is a good substitute than having no date night at all.

11. Send voice memos

Constantly messaging can be boring so to turn it up a notch take the time to record sweet messages on your phone and send to your partner every once in a while. These voice notes can be as simple as saying, "I love you," or you can record a along and dedicate it to them. Either way, your partner will appreciate and love being able to hear your voice whenever they need it. It will be like little mementoes of you that will stay with them. 

12. Attend virtual concerts together

Attending concerts together can also be done virtually now. Pick a band or musician you both love and watch a live show online. Today many artists stream their performances and covert to sites like YouTube. You and your partner can watch together while video chatting. 

Of course, the concerts that we see live cannot be compared to the virtual ones. But virtual ones can be pretty amazing. So just close your eyes and pretend you're both there together.

13. Learn something together 

Like any other thing, the classes have also now shifted virtually. Whatever you want to learn how you can learn it online. Whether it's a new instrument or a foreign language. You and your partner can both take classes online. And after each lesson, you can discuss by talking on the phone or video chat about your new skills and practice them together.

14. Share your daily activities  

Sharing your day with your partner makes them feel more included in your life. When you talk on the phone or video chat, be sure to share the highlights of your day with your partner. It will make them happy to hear about your day, whether you achieved something or something bad happened to you. Share just as you would if you were together in person.

15. Make a photo album

You can make and share digital albums with pictures of you and your partner. Digital albums are fun and easy to make. You can customise it accordingly and add songs to it. These albums are instant and sharing your special memories through an album is a sweet and simple gesture.

Keeping your long-distance relationship fresh and full of passion is not easy and take a lot of work. Your relationship doesn't need to go sour and end it on bad terms. If you try any of these things mentioned you will be able to work out yourlong distance relationship.

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