What is gender equality?

What is gender equality?

What is gender equality?_ichhori.com

One of the most commonly prevailing types of discrimination happening today is gender inequality. Despite your caste, color, breed, nation, religion, etc, you deserve equal treatment from all. This is because every individual has been born with free will and deserves to live his or her  life as per their will with no outsider destroying their mental peace. 

Mostly in low-income countries and middle-income countries, gender inequality has become a common practice. But, undoubtedly, in most developed countries gender discrimination based on color, status, nation, etc are taking place. 

90% of the fundamental rights of women get destroyed in seconds all across the world. They have difficulty getting good work, education, access to resources and freely speaking their mind out. 

According to legit online research, it's been found that women spent more than 10 times of their precious time on accomplishing the work that is unpaid in comparison to men. It severely affects our economic growth and reaches new heights. Gender equality does not mean that women and men should be physically or mentally the same but it's as if the access to all the resources whether economical or social must be the same for both genders. 

  • Gender Equality is the concept of analyzing whether all the assessment, evaluation, and formulation are based on the existing policies and programs for men and women. Its overall ambition is to strengthen the existing policies so that they can easily prove gender equality. 
  • It also widely helps in removing the gender gaps and gender disparities in multiple fields. Gender mainstreaming has also been adopted by the UNFPA with the overall motive to remove gender inequalities. 

These strategies also include gender related interventions. So, ideally, they focus on not providing excess gain to women or curtailing the rights of men but also it does evaluate and equate them for both genders. 

The article you're reading today on this page is going to help you in getting clarity about the basics of gender equality. 

What is gender equality definition?

Gender equality is the state of no discrimination between the rights provided to men and women. Under this, every person irrespective of their gender gets equal opportunities.  These unbiased opportunities for men and women should be the same in the field of politics, education, health, and economical areas.  Gender equality leads to overall economic growth and development. 

We have seen for ages now that women are treated as props to get the household work done and are not provided with the relevant rights in multiple fields of life. Whether we talk about education, health, or taking big decisions, she is not even on the last list of being asked about her opinions. 

So, particularly, gender equality talks about such fields where both men and women are treated equally and provided with relief irrespective of their gender. We often have genetically declared that men are better at physical work compared to women. This practice has furthermore led to the ill mentality stating that women are not better than men to perform outdoor tasks. 

We are forgetting a big thing here: women have the potential to be higher than men. She carries a baby in her belly for 9 months and gives birth. She goes through painful periods of cramps every month but still manages to accomplish the household work. So how come our society says that women are not meant to do physical work? They can do it 10 times better than men. All they need is support and equal rights. If we see from the long term perspective, gender equality is not just an equal distribution of rights among all genders but it's also something that benefits everybody. 

It's a deep foundation for a peaceful world and sustainable economic development. Looking into the last 10 years of data, we can proudly say that our world is heading towards modernization. We have witnessed a lot of women who have been going to school, who are not forced to marry early, and women who are provided reputed seats in the Parliamentary system. But, we still lag by a high number in broadening our minds. 

According to one of the legit studies and data - girls who are between the age group of 15 years to 49 years and almost 1 woman out of every 5 women have faced sexual abuse in the work environment.

So, ideally, we need to focus more on making the work culture and environment safe for women, so that they can work peacefully there. Also, another study reveals that almost 60% of all women operate in the informal economy. This particularly is a threat for women to get under the trap of poverty, especially during the covid times. Studies also revealed that domestic violence has also been increased tremendously by a huge amount during the tough covid times. So, this all has led to the worsening situation of women. That's why she needs immediate care which will be for the betterment of all. 

Key Takeaways 

Gender equality is not only a women's issue. It's an issue for all types of gender. Gender equality in particular talks about giving equal rights and opportunities to all genders irrespective of their caste, creed, color, etc.

  • Gender equality states that the interest, opportunities, and responsibilities of men, women, and others should be considered equally. This concept brings forth the idea of bringing fairness between men and women. 
  • Gender equality should not be confused with the feminism concept and men should not be worried about themselves. It is so because gender equality speaks in favor of the rights of men as well as women.
  • Gender equality also not only talks about the rights, rules, and responsibilities as well as opportunities for men and women but also makes sense of the interrelationships existing between these two genders. 
  • Ultimately, we as a citizen of our country needs to push forward gender equality as much as possible to stop unnecessary discrimination and ill things happening to either gender. 


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