Is it OK to date your friend's ex? Things to Keep in Mind while Dating your Friend’s ex.

 Is it OK to date your friend's ex? Things to Keep in Mind while Dating your Friend’s ex.

If Gossip Girl and some other shows have taught us anything, it is that dating your best friend’s ex is always going to be complicated. But, as much as we believe, we don’t always have a choice in who we fall for. As the saying goes, the heart wants what it wants! So, how should we navigate this tricky situation? Should you lie about it and sneak around? Or should you be open about it? Well, to answer these questions we should list down some things that you should keep in mind if you're dating your friend's ex!

Be Open & Honest About It

Lying to your best friend about dating their ex to avoid conflict may sound good, but it will only be problematic for you down the line. Sneaking around shouldn’t be an option if you have love and respect for your BFF. Yes, your bestie might be hurt by this news first, but to be honest with your friend from the get-go is the best thing to do. It would be a sensible thing to accept that the situation might never be comfortable for either of you, but being open about it is the right thing to do.

Don’t Trash Talk

Asking your partner for advice when you are fighting with your friend is one thing, but trash-talking about them is another. Particularly if their relationship didn’t end on a good note and you’re sure you’ll get a sympathetic ear.

Don’t Overthink

Please do not act like a jealous girlfriend and keep your boyfriend and best friend apart just because you’re scared that they might have feelings for each other. You should show faith in both your relationships and trust your friend and boyfriend.

Don’t Enquire About Their Relationship

It can be pretty tempting to ask your friend about what went wrong between them so that you can not make the same mistakes, but please avoid doing it. In fact, you should not ask your partner for any details either. That relationship is between them, so it is sensible if you don’t dig into their past and focus on your relationship.

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