What are the rules for healthy and normal vagina?

 What are the rules for healthy and normal Vagina?

Hello, ladies. The VAGINA- is the essential organ in a female‘s body. It is self-cleansing and self-maintained. All it needs is simple care. Here are some simple rules you need to follow to care for your precious vagina. These rules are on the basis of the guidance and advice of gynecologists, so you can trust these and follow them without any doubt.


According to a gynecologist's advice, there are specific rules to follow to have a healthier vagina.

You don’t have to allot specific time and include any special kind of products to use down there.

It is awesome and works well and takes care of itself with the help of good bacteria present inside it.

Taking care of the vagina is important too because it affects your fertility, sexual drive, and orgasm.

Let the vagina breathe

The vagina is always covered. Wear natural-breathable clothes and panties. Do not wear synthetic material panties because it causes discomfort and does not allow free air exchange and can result in infections, sweat collection, bacteria build-up.

So the best panties to use are ‘‘cotton panties." You can remove your panties while sleeping on a clean bed with clean bed sheets and allow the area to breathe air freely. This is the best way to let it breathe-Go a commando mood.


Removal of hair:

 The pubic hair should be removed regularly so that you don’t develop any bacterial infections. The process of removal of pubic hair can cause razor bumps, itching, and redness.  To avoid those you need to moisturize the region over there with pure natural oils after shaving which gives moisture to the skin such as coconut oil, and olive oil. Apply the natural oils in a little amount and allow them to dry for a few minutes.

You can use a chemical-free moisturizer, too.

You can trim your pubic hair if you do not want to shave it. Waxing should not be done on a frequent basis, once in a while is okay. The reason is very obvious: the genital area is very fragile and you cannot be very harsh with it.

Go in the direction of the hair growth not against it because it results in less irritation while shaving your pubic hair.

Regular Vaginal Washes 

There is no need to wash the vagina manually with water vigorously, our vaginas are wonderfully structured and it cleans themselves. There is no need to wash them using vaginal washes that are available on the market, they are made up of chemicals that should be avoided for a healthy vagina. Sometimes it can disturb the PH value of the vagina which is generally acidic and result in problems. Vaginal washes can be used if you have any kind of vaginal problems and your gynecologist suggested and told you to use one.

If you have a bad vaginal odor try having healthy foods for your vagina, your problem is solved.

Keep the dirt away:

The vagina should be clean, and the dirty things must be kept away from it such as dirty panties, dirty fingers, dirty tools, pads, and tampons should be changed often so, that you don’t get any kind infection by the stagnant blood-soaked in your pads or tampons. The dirt can infect your vagina very easily and result in serious vaginal infections that can affect your vaginal health.

Proper cleaning is a must:

You must clean yourself while you discharge your waste. Always clean properly after you pee to eliminate any kind of infections in your urinary tracts and vagina because urine consists of uric acid and many waste components, if it is left without proper cleansing to soak in your panties you will be in trouble. 

In case you use toilet paper, wipe it properly from front to back, so you don’t end up transferring the bacteria to your vagina. It is very hygienic to use water to cleanse yourself and it is a highly recommended idea.

Experts recommend cleaning yourself and your vagina mildly after intercourse with your partner is a good way to remove any irritation further.

A balanced diet: 

Just like your body needs some fuel and specific nutrition, your vagina needs some specific food items that help it to function efficiently. Include the food that is good for the vagina such as curd, bananas, cranberries, and their juice, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Lots of water is the ultimate solution for a healthy body and you just cannot deny this fact! Include them in your diet to boost your vaginal health. These food items are not only good for your vagina but also to your whole body, including them in your diet is a smart decision.

Consultation with doctor:

If you feel abnormal activities such as the irregular color of vaginal discharge, itching, pain during intercourse, pain during other times, irregular periods, irregular spotting, or bleeding please consult a good gynecologist and follow their instructions.

DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE. Don’t trust any resources on the internet and buy medications according to it. Consult a gynecologist to describe your vaginal problems. Don’t take any pills, or ointments, without consulting the gynecologist. Take some Vaginal tests on an often basis,  if you have any problems related to the vagina.

Practice session for good hygiene:

Practice good vaginal hygiene is the key to a healthy vagina. Don’t overdo it, just mild care is enough to go a long healthy way.

Wash your vagina after you have sexual intercourse, keep the area dry, and don’t use scented products to smell nice down there, please. Don’t use brightening creams or bleaching creams. 

Use protection while having sex. Wear clean and breathable panties and pants.

Avoid tight clothes so that you can avoid sweat accumulation, if it’s uncomfortable don’t use them.

These are the simple and easy rules to follow to have and maintain good and healthier vaginal health. Follow these to have your vagina healthy. 

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