5 dating Red Flags you Should not Dismiss.


5 dating Red Flags you Should not Dismiss.


When you're dating someone new, the romance and excitement of the "honeymoon phase" can blind you, and it's natural to want to overlook red signals since you appreciate other things about them. But this simply serves to postpone the inevitable.

While dating someone new, keep these five red signals in mind.

1. They demand financial assistance.

If someone asks you for money when you meet them, this is a huge red signal that you cannot and should not ignore. One of the most obvious signs that someone is attempting to be with you for the wrong reasons is when they do this. You should never give money to anybody you've just met. It doesn't matter if you like each other a lot or not at all. You may wish to believe that everyone is decent and that no one would approach you for money unless they were desperate, but you can bet they've done it before.

2. They rush to declare love

It is impossible for someone to love you in a period of days or weeks. Love is a process that takes time to grow. While some people fall in love with the first person they meet, it's a red flag if someone declares their love for you and seems more concerned with feelings than getting to know you.

3. They give you warnings about themselves.

Never ignore a personal cautionary statement someone makes about oneself. When someone claims they're trouble, believe them. It is not your obligation to look for the good in individuals who are incapable of doing so. Consider it a cautious indication if the person you're dating repeatedly refers to themselves as crazy or psycho. It doesn't matter if they're joking or not. In the long term, you don't want to put yourself at risk.

4. Obsessive or envious behavior

It's normal to feel envious now and then, and it's especially common when dating. If, on the other hand, the person you're seeing becomes possessive or controlling of your plans, what you wear, who you hang out with, talk to, or has an issue with you being on your phone, this could be a precursor of future emotional abuse.

5. Repeatedly Lying

It's not a good indicator if you're constantly catching your date acting untrustworthy. We're all guilty of white falsehoods, but if someone is fooling others or getting caught lying on a regular basis, it's a red flag. It can be tough to form a stable relationship with someone after being repeatedly deceived.

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