Best Kpop Music Videos of all time


Best Kpop Music Videos of all time

Since as long as we can remember, K-pop music has been sweeping the globe. In reality, in recent years, the majority of K-pop songs have established themselves on different music charts all over the world. The entertainment that Korean musicians produce has a lot to recommend it, and their music videos are probably just one of the many things that their fans like. The stakes for K-pop, particularly for the best K-pop music videos, increase with each passing year. A concept video acts as the inspiration for an album's lead song and establishes the tone for an artist's comeback. These breathtakingly captivating films are given the same respect and consideration as the music they accompany.

Every element in these music videos, from the airy scenery and dynamic dancing to the beautifully made costumes, feels like a statement of purpose. Of course, the result is worthwhile in the long run. It is now common for many K-pop bands to reach millions of views in just 24 hours or less, which demonstrates how devoted and enthusiastic fans are about their favourite artists. Every time a K-pop group resurfaces, they delight their audience with music videos that transform a song into a narrative. Each music video, whether it is a ballad or an uplifting song, represents the artist and may be quite effective in gaining new fans.

Here is a ranking of the top Kpop music clips

Favorite Boys – ACE

In the Favorite Boys video, ACE displays exceptional fashion, makeup, and choreography performances, interpreting many characters from Asian mythology or history in androgynous, contemporary, yet mysterious ways. Members portray goblins, gods, and characters from folklore tales, and the ensembles use traditional Korean artwork and symbolism. There are references to death and the hereafter, fate, soul mates, time travel, and more.

The song video perfectly captures the existentialism ideas explored in The Butterfly Phantasy in approximately four minutes. As viewers watch the film in order to grasp what ACE intended by Favorite Boys, it also serves as a terrific opportunity to introduce the rest of the globe to Korean culture and customs.

Jeon Somi-XOXO

A musician's debut studio album is a crucial turning point for anyone hoping to establish a career because it's their first and greatest chance to establish a distinctive style and sound. The anticipation for Somi in the days and weeks prior to the publication of "XOXO" was definitely great, but despite her talent, her diligence, and all the marketing, the stars haven't yet adapted to the vocalist on the album. The self-titled main song from the eight-track album XOXO, a pop anthem a la Blackpink, serves as its centrepiece.

Rain to be - ONEWE

ONEWE is one of the most underappreciated K-pop groups, and their music never ceases to astound listeners everywhere. The members, in particular, utilised the dramatic lyrics and rhythm of their song "Rain To Be" to produce an outstanding video. To create an environment that perfectly complemented the song and portrayed its lovely words, the band members jumped into the storm-created water.


The music video for "Maria" uses opposing imagery to represent the two sides of Ahn Hyejin: Hwasa and Maria. Like the song itself, it varies from playful and seductive to gloomy and depressing. Both Hwasas have hair, one with red and the other with black. Maria is the more fragile person behind the colourful pop star, a side of the singer that is less widely known to the public, while the red-haired Hwasa seems to represent her outgoing public character. The music video honours Hwasa's artistic talent and strong, vivacious attitude while also giving viewers a glimpse of her insecurities and melancholy.

Everglow – First

What about K-cutest Pop's space warriors, known as Everglow? You've probably heard of K-Avengers Pop's and the Eight Pirate Kings. The sextet made their debut as the newest "it girl" in town, and they are still deserving of that title. "FIRST" blurs the boundaries between genders, in contrast to the group's hyper-"Girl Crush" songs and bombastic appealing throwback compositions. Everglow puts everything on the line for those who dare to challenge his ability and excellence with his most intensive choreography to date and clothes made for battle.

Black Swan – BTS

The Black Swan music video examines the concept of the artist's death, often known as the point at which an artist can no longer perform, in a way that mirrors the lyrics of the song. Every artist must go through this painful and necessary shift, and BTS is facing their fear head-on. Beautiful footage of the group executing the choreography for the song inside the magnificent, gilded Los Angeles Theater is shown in the video. Jimin, a singer with ballet and modern dance training, takes the lead as he fluidly transitions from one smooth dance move to the next. In a clear homage to Natalie Portman's titular leading lady, the gang, which is first dressed in white, changes to black as they go from being charming and subdued white swans to brave, certain, and frightening black swans.

Taemin – Tips

Of course, it would be sacrilege to discuss theatre without bringing up Taemin. The SHINee superstar never misses a beat when delivering drama, suspense, seduction, and mystique. Taemin's "Advice" is nothing short of enthralling after two unexpected comebacks in the past year. Nobody is safe when they enter the room because of the stunning erratic dancing routine and the wicked crop top and sports bra ensemble.


The "Oh My God" music video by (G)I-DLE is an outstanding masterpiece. It is dark and scary with a tinge of homoeroticism. The video closely follows the song's lyrics and hits on subjects like forbidden love, religion, temptation, and fear of a potential homosexual relationship. The main theme of the video is a fall from grace, possibly as a result of the participants' involvement in what society views as "forbidden" or "taboo" love. The video may also represent feminism more broadly and the desire to defy patriarchal expectations of women.


Before continuing their military deployments, EXO members have a recent practise of releasing a hit single or an emotional farewell EP for the fans. Fortunately, "Genius Idol" Baekhyun got the message and distributed six R&B-influenced songs prior to going live. On the singer's third EP, "Bambi" is merely the tip of the iceberg; it is almost too hot and heavy to endure. Baekhyun holds her attention musically and visually with every turn of his fedora and her hip-swaying in the style of Michael Jackson. You must take this train, so get your coat.

Love me harder – WOODZ

The "Love Me Harder" music video by WOODZ has more of a supernatural horror vibe than a typical music video. What starts out as a love story turns into a journey through crime and treachery, life and death, and a descent into madness. In the course of their argument, WOODZ and his girlfriend exit the vehicle and part ways. To his astonishment, he discovers a black version of himself who is a darker and more dangerous version of himself and always appears to be picking on him. What happens next is a game of cat and mouse between the singer and his shadow, who is always just out of reach in both the audience and his mirror.

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