BTS, BLACKPINK, and More Are Among the 7 K-pop MV Teasers That Got Everyone Excited

BTS, BLACKPINK, and More Are Among the 7 K-pop MV Teasers That Got Everyone Excited

Every time a K-pop artist makes a comeback or debut, they release promotional materials, including teasers for new music videos, to pique fans' interest. As a result, K-pop MV teasers are now a typical strategy used by entertainment companies to pique fans' interest. Some of the many MV teasers that were published rapidly became extremely popular. Check the list below.

1. BTS "Dynamite" MV Teaser

This particular K-pop MV teaser, which features BTS, has received 74.2 million views so far. Even though it was published nearly two years ago, this 28-second film gets views per hour.

The group's debut English single, "Dynamite," is the reason so many people are drawn to this teaser. The BTS members enchant viewers with their own charms and exuberant dancing in the video while wearing disco attire.


Although the "LALISA" MV teaser only lasted 14 seconds, it was enough to make BLINKs excited. This video features several different Lisa situations, beginning with a close-up of the BLACKPINK member entering and concluding with the idol wearing a long black dress and humming "Say, 'Lalisa,' love me" in the distance. This teaser has had 27.1 million views to date.

3. BLACKPINK "Kill This Love" MV Tease

Anyone can become thrilled to watch and listen to BLACKPINK's "Kill This Love" music video just by hearing the boisterous trumpets at the beginning of the teaser. Here, it's also important to mention the members' fascinating visuals. At the video's conclusion, some choreography could be observed, which caught the attention of viewers even more. There have now been 59.6 million views of this 22-second teaser.


The #1 single from BLACKPINK, "DDU-DU DDU-DU," is another item on our list. Despite just being 19 seconds long, this quartet MV teaser is another potent one. The background music in this clip is intriguing since it becomes louder toward the finish and piques viewers' interest. So far, 29.6 million people have viewed it.

5. Red Velvet "Psycho" MV Teaser

Who wouldn't fall in love with Red Velvet's "Psycho" MV teaser after hearing Wendy and Seulgi's stunning vocals? There is also, of course, the famous "Psycho" whisper of Joy, which will eventually stick in your brain. The most well-liked MV teaser from the five-piece is arguably this 17-second clip, which has received over four million views so far.


The six members of EVERGLOW make a dramatic, hazy entrance at the start of the "DUN DUN" MV teaser, and the members yell, "You're so done!" as Yiren sings a chorus line and the group name is mentioned. To date, 9.8 million people have viewed it.

7. aespa "Black Mamba" MV Teaser

The "Black Mamba" MV teaser has garnered a lot of interest due to its original idea of the aespa members having AI equivalents. There is no doubt that many people are eager to view the new SM female idols' images. As of the time of writing, 6.9 million people had viewed this 38-second clip.

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