Why Women should get Laser Eye Surgery?


Why Women should get Laser Eye Surgery?

A woman is known for her ability to multi-task. With constant demands from work and family, women usually look for ways to make their lives easy. Many women who consider LASIK eye surgery have friends who have had the procedure and recommend it. They may about the procedure being cost savings, or how their friends describe the procedure as life-changing.

How Women Approach Laser Vision Correction?

Usually, women have different priorities, preferences, and attitudes than men when they are considering LASIK. While men might look for a good solution, women look for the perfect answer. Women take and invest more time and take a more comprehensive approach than men as they are looking for both the LASIK procedure and a good potential surgeon. Women compare and discuss with their friends whether this solution will be good for them. And because women have done their homework, women confidently recommend their choice to others.

For women weighing their laser eye surgery options, it is important to understand how the procedure benefits them by saving them time, energy and hassle with delivering the great vision. Here are some benefits women experience after choosing a laser vision procedure such as LASIK:

1. Improved Vision

The most obvious and significant benefit of LASIK is the ability to see clearly without the help of glasses or contacts. This improvement in visual sight has many advantages both at work and at home. Clearly reading street signs or meeting agendas, watching movies or reading menus can be achieved through LASIK.

2. Self-Confidence

Many women start wearing glasses when they are in middle school and start wearing contacts in high school, but they never get accustomed to the irritation and inconvenience with the lenses.

When women get older, they often invest in high-priced designer eyeglasses to feel more confident. Though buying these glasses solves the discomfort of contacts, the ability to do physical activities can become difficult and can be frustrating with glasses slipping or falling off. LASIK allows women to be free of both eyeglasses and contact lenses, increasing their self-confidence.

3. Applying Makeup

Doing makeup can be challenging for women, who wear eyeglasses or contacts. Mascara can smudge glasses, or it can fall onto contacts. Foundation or tinted moisturizer can leave residue on glasses which dries and hardens. And it’s not easy to put on eyeliner when you wear glasses to see what you’re doing. LASIK will eliminate all of these struggles and give women the freedom to experiment to use makeup to showcase their eyes.

4. Safe Parenting

Being a mom is an important job in the world. Many women worry about helping their children in an emergency if they don’t have their glasses or contacts on and you cannot find them quickly. Knowing that they can see the clock, dial an emergency number, locate the car keys or read a prescription label without the hassle of glasses is a great source of comfort for many mothers. Keeping in mind their children’s needs many women have considered LASIK or other laser vision correction procedures.

5. Bridal Beauty

Women on their wedding day always want to look their best. And in some cases, it means not dealing with eyeglasses or contacts. Having LASIK well before the wedding allows the bride to not stress about fogging glasses or shifting contacts when they cry and also, they will feel beautiful.

6. Travel Convenience

Many women need to travel for business or simply for pleasure purposes. Packing glasses and contacts, along with the other items for travel can be extremely inconvenient. With LASIK women can pack their things without having to pack an elaborate eye-care kit.

Conditions to take into consideration

Because of fluctuating hormones that can impact refractive stability, LASIK is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. Those same fluctuating hormones happen during menopause, and menopausal women are not good candidates until hormones return to normal levels. While LASIK is approved for people over 18, it’s best to wait until your mid-twenties when refractive power has stabilized. There is no age limit to get LASIK, though many conditions that occur later in life, such as cataracts, can impact eligibility.

While each and every woman considering LASIK is unique, for most the procedure can give them the ability to live a life independent of bothersome glasses and contact lenses.

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