Sexual Effects of Anxiety During Pregnancy


Sexual Effects of Anxiety During Pregnancy

For sexually active people, pregnancy anxiety might be an actual problem. People of all sexes discussed how pregnancy worry negatively impacted their sex lives in my therapy room even before the recent political happenings abolishing Roe. For instance, some claim that it suppresses their libido. This isn't unexpected because anxiety often outweighs sexual desire, causing people to concentrate on their anxieties rather than the pleasure of being touched. Even if a woman is consciously interested in having sex, pregnancy worry can cause her pelvic floor muscles to unconsciously constrict, preventing penetrative sex. Pregnancy anxiety can result in sexless relationships in these ways. Similar to how some men report their inability to ejaculate while being able to keep an erection due to pregnancy fear of their partner's interior. It serves as an impetus for vasectomies for certain people.

The overturn of Roe may be a major reason for people to change and/or diversify their sexual habits, even if they are not conscious of their pregnancy anxiety. Interesting societal trends indicate that fewer people have been engaging in sex during the past few decades. Additionally, people are spending more time on their devices while dating less and socializing less than in the past. The #MeToo movement and our growing understanding of the crucial value of sexual consent have brought to light how hazardous sex can be, which may affect people's desire for sexual connection. All of this is taking place while technology develops, expanding the variety of thrilling and original solo sexual experiences available in people's beds. Sex technology is already more arousing than sexual partners in several aspects.

Of course, having a close relationship with a human companion is excellent. However, it would seem natural that the Roe decision's repeal will prompt many people to reconsider the advantages of penile-vaginal sex, at least in red states. If they are worried about their fertility, the majority of these people already use birth control to reduce their risk of becoming pregnant. But because of this additional risk, if birth control doesn't work, a woman loses control over her body and her destiny. In light of this, whether or not people are cognizant of pregnancy anxiety, Roe will probably inspire them to find alternative avenues of sexual fulfillment.

Thus, it would make sense that people's sexual lives would evolve and become less conventional in many states. People today have a lot more possibilities for exciting and intense sexual experiences that don't require penile-vaginal penetration than they did 50 years ago when abortion was prohibited. A form of sex education that was previously unavailable to most people has been made available through porn. Different sex acts that formerly weren't spoken about in public have been accepted as a result. The post-Roe enthusiasts of today will probably make use of this recent information.

Oral and anal sex are likely the most obvious substitutes for penile-vaginal sex. For those who want to engage in intense sex play while maintaining their virginity and/or avoiding the chance of becoming pregnant, these are already proven and true alternatives to sexual activity. But there are risks associated with these techniques as well. For instance, an increase in oral intercourse is correlated with an increase in oral malignancies brought on by HPV infections.

In addition, research indicates that more same-sex play is being used in creative sex practices. As it permits personal touch without the risk of pregnancy or the potential of being coerced to undergo penile-vaginal penetration, this alternative might become even more alluring.

Finally, individuals may choose to masturbate, which is arguably the most risk-free form of sex. The simplicity, effectiveness, and pleasure of self-gratification may grow even more alluring, especially when sex technology offers novel and potent solo-sex experiences.


In conclusion, people will probably report experiencing more pregnancy anxiety as a result of the elevated risks of pregnancy in some areas. As a result, many people's sexual lives may become more inventive and creative as they seek out sexual experiences free from the possibility of becoming pregnant. Sex occurs inside a setting. 

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