Ten K-pop Group Debut MVs with the Most Views on the First Day in History


Ten K-pop Group Debut MVs with the Most Views on the First Day in History

K-pop fans typically watch a large number of music videos during the first day of release as they eagerly seek out fresh material. However, when a solo artist or idol group debuts, there is the highest spike in views.

The ten K-pop group debut MVs with the most views on the first day of release are included in this article. We'll also note how many views they now have on YouTube.

MV Kep1er "WA DA DA"

One of the most recent additions to the top 10 is "WA DA DA" by Kep1er. This song's music video received 881,163 likes and 7,187,838 total views. With 120 million views as of right now.

  "Jopping" MV from SuperM

The "Jopping" music video by SuperM and their self-titled debut EP were released on October 3, 2019. The music video received 1.3 million likes and 8,758,813 million views on the first day of release. The "Jopping MV" has received 116 million views so far.


On August 7, 2020, TREASURE's "BOY" music video received 9,153,222 views and 1.14 million likes in the first twenty-four hours. 110 million people have viewed it on YouTube as of this writing. The group's first music video, "BOY," has received 100 million views.

 "Given-Taken" MV by ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN's "Given-Taken," which debuted on November 30, 2020, received a total of 9,388,226 views and 1.73 million likes, ranking it as the sixth most watched K-pop group debut MV in the first 24 hours. It received the most views of any rookie group's music video that year. The "Given-Taken" MV has received 64.1 million views to date.


The "ELEVEN" MV by IVE, which was released on December 1, 2021, is another recent inclusion in the top 10. Within 24 hours of its release, it garnered 9,847,000 views and 538,738 likes, setting a record for the highest 24-hour view count for a K-pop group debut MV published in 2021. 138.5 million people have now watched the "ELEVEN" MV.


TXT's "CROWN" MV, which was released on March 4, 2019, is ranked No. 5. An astonishing total of 15,100,000 views and 2.36 million likes were received by this K-pop group's debut music video. There have been 154 million views thus far.

Notably, TXT's "CROWN" is the most watched K-pop male group debut MV in history because it is the only boy group MV among the top 5. It has held this record for the past three years.


LE SSERAFIM's "FEARLESS," a brand-new K-pop group debut MV, is another addition to the list. The song video, which was released on May 2, 2022, received 16,114,836 views and 785,673 likes on the first day. 84 million people have now watched it.


ITZY's "DALLA DALLA" is currently the third most watched K-pop group debut MV in history. The music video received 880,411 likes and 17,100,000 views on the first day after it was released on February 10, 2019. To date, it has had over 301 million views.


The list's last most recent K-pop group debut MV is NMIXX's "O.O," which was released on February 22, 2022. Amazingly, in its first 24 hours, the music video received 540,312 likes and 19,791,773 views. There have been 77.5 million views so far.

 "Black Mamba" by AespaAespa's 

"     BLack Mamba," which went viral on November 17, 2020, is the K-pop group’s debut MV with the No. 1 most views in history. Its total 24-hour views were 21435,062 while its likes were 1.3 million.

In under one month, 21 days, and 11 hours, Aespa's "Black Mamba" became the fastest K-pop group debut MV to reach 100 million views. There have been 226 million views thus far.

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