The Breast Cancer Research Trust commemorates significant achievements in the fight against the illness

The Breast Cancer Research Trust commemorates significant achievements in the fight against the illness

The Waikato-based Breast Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) is commemorating a number of achievements in May.

The launch of the new Op Shop for Breast Cancer, International Clinical Trials Day on May 20, and a new look for the trust are among the milestones, according to Trust Chair and breast surgeon Professor Ian Campbell.

He stated, We're enjoying consistent, considerable progress against breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Foundation has released the paper 30,000 Voices: Informing a Better Future for Breast Cancer in Aotearoa New Zealand, which examines data from the Foundation's National Register to show how breast cancer has progressed over the last 20 years.

According to the report, the survival rate for women with breast cancer has improved dramatically in New Zealand, with the five-year risk of dying from breast cancer halved and the 10-year risk of dying from breast cancer dropped by 30%. This has been notably true for women who have been diagnosed with more aggressive forms of breast cancer.

There has also been a significant reduction in the discrepancy between ethnic minorities' outcomes.

The gains, according to Campbell, are due to a variety of factors, including better therapies, more screening coverage, and early detection of malignancies.

Breast cancer clinical trials and the introduction of more effective medicines and care are at the heart of it all.

International Clinical Trials Day was observed in May, and the Breast Cancer Research Trust recognises and celebrates the fact that clinical trials research has resulted in every advancement in the treatment of breast cancer, both globally and in the Waikato.

International Clinical Trials Day is a chance for research organisations, clinical research experts, and the general public to celebrate clinical research's accomplishments.

Clinical trials, according to Campbell, are critical for helping to tailor treatments to the specific tumour type and determining if new treatments are safe and successful.


"Better medication therapies, improvements in radiotherapy, breast-conserving surgery rather than mastectomy,... and decreasing treatment side effects and improving quality of life are among the advancements [made]."

In the meanwhile, the trust is excited to unveil a new logo and brand.

The colours include the BCRT's existing bright yellow as well as pink, the breast cancer-related colour. The updated BCRT brand is built around our mission of gathering knowledge and saving lives. Our circular emblem symbolises and signifies the circle of people who help our research team achieve our goals.

On May 11, the trust opened its Op Shop for Breast Cancer in Victoria Street. Because the capacity to fundraise has been severely constrained since March 2020 owing to Covid-19, the goal is to establish a continuous money stream to facilitate future research.

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