What Would Make a Woman Hesitant to Begin Dating You?

 What Would Make a Woman Hesitant to Begin Dating You?

Recently, a male social media acquaintance asked women to be honest about why I’m having a hard time getting women to pay attention for more than a second.

Seriously,” he said. “If you were single, why wouldn’t you date me? Be cruelly honest. (Spoiler Note: He couldn’t really accept it.)

“Yes, I’m suspicious,” he replied when I was done. “You must not like fat guys.

Let’s record that she has mentioned nothing in relation to this person’s weight or appearance. She also does nothing to fat boys, short boys, or boys who were previously unattractive. In my experience, most women do neither. In fact, a man like her ex-acquaintance is, unfortunately, tinkering with a woman many times because: Listen and learn.

1. My mom has a problem

When a woman is single, she dates many who had an incredible attachment to their parents, especially their mothers. They thought they were honorable men who valued their families. Women, including myself, saw oversized babies with serious mother problems. If you’ve ever wanted to pray to get a woman’s attention, you need to know what the difference is.

It’s great to have a good relationship with your mom and care for her mom’s well-being. It’s not great to let your mother control you like a doll when you’re a grown-up man to think for yourself. e.

Women are attracted to mature and independent men. The man has his own opinion and does not require the approval of his mother for all decisions. Your future wife or girlfriend is also not happy to play a second fiddle to your mother. 

2. You are too negative

No one likes Danny Downes, especially women looking for the right man. However, many people with dating problems fall into this category unknowingly. I don’t understand how they don’t notice. Because they have a lot of complaints.

When they aren’t complaining about not being able to take a break from work, they’re talking about all the ex-girlfriends they’ve ever had. (Of course, they’re all “crazy.”) Each story begins as a sobbing story or becomes one if you have enough patience. It’s not entirely clear what a chronic whining person thinks he’s achieved by doing this, but it actually kills others and makes them want to run far away.

Okay. Life is hard and rarely feels fair. But you need to understand that everyone sometimes thinks that way. You don’t have to be in the bright sun all the time, but it’s worth training yourself to be positive more often. Women don’t say “yes” to dates with men, so she can spend the night as a captivated audience at the Cry Baby Theater. She wants to have fun, and she probably wants to meet someone nice who wants to do the same.

3. You treat women like a project

Before a woman met my husband, there was this guy she talked to briefly. He was kind enough. He was also smart, clear, employed, and physically well cared for. But he made one of the most common mistakes they've made in men over the years.

One day she casually said that I have naturally curly hair that I prefer to straighten. He was very excited and told me that there was great news for me. He prefers curly hair to women, so I can. finally, throw away my styling tools. Oh, and he also preferred a sporty woman with short hair, so maybe I should change mine, Bob.

Women are not a project. We are humans and we want you to treat us that way.

When I said that I would wear my hair straight for a long time because I like it, I acted as if I started speaking Chinese on the spot. The same thing happened when he didn’t appreciate his one-sided advice on dietary choices, work, and approaches to social life.

He thought, “I’m just trying to help.” I thought he had to shut it down and stay in his lane.

The idea of ​​a woman styling herself according to her aesthetics and making all her own decisions about her life was foreign and unappealing to this man. Don’t be like him. Women are not a project. We are humans and we want you to treat us that way. If you want to know your opinion about something very personal about us, believe me when I tell you we will ask you your thoughts directly.

4. You can’t see past her appearance

Let’s talk about the secrets of the average attractive woman. No matter how much you change your mind, you won’t walk the earth without realizing it’s attractive. Also, you don’t stand out yourself by disturbing her while she walks through her life to tell her how hot she is. In fact, she probably heard it 10 times that day. I’m trying hard not to forget the milk at the supermarket, so I don’t want to hear it again.

If you really want to do something different, try complimenting the woman for something different, as long as it’s real.

Is she incredibly talented with funny, clever, honest, or something? She tells her about it. People often go unnoticed, let alone comment, especially if she is considered “hot” by social standards.

5. You rely too much on alcohol
If you want to give a positive impression to a woman, We want to clarify that you are not saying that you cannot drink. However, this can be an excellent opportunity to rethink how alcohol is consumed, especially if you have expressed concern to someone else in your life.

If life has taught me something, the only way to win is to be generous for the rest of your life. No one says you should spend more than your means to impress the woman you’re dating, but you definitely want to avoid looking like a villain. If not, you will wonder why she is not so valuable to you.

Again, if you’re having trouble getting a woman’s attention, it’s very unlikely that it’s superficial, such as appearance or job title. Most women care more about how you treat them and how you approach life.

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