Eight K-pop groups made their first comebacks after waiting a year or more


Eight K-pop groups made their first comebacks after waiting a year or more

K-pop artists' first comebacks are as eagerly anticipated as their debuts, especially because fans now have new expectations, such as that the idols will have improved in singing and dancing and will have a new look. Some idol groups take longer than expected—some take a year or longer—while others return to the music scene in a matter of months.

The eight K-pop groups listed below had to wait a long time to release new music following their debut.


In August 2014, WINNER, a boy band with five members, was introduced by YG Entertainment. The group of five published "2014 S/S," their debut studio album, which includes the lead songs "Empty" and "Color Ring."

With the release of the EP "Exit: E," which includes the title tracks "Sentimental" and "Baby Baby," WINNER made their first comeback after a break of one year and six months.


The boy group NCT's first and only rotating sub-unit, NCT U, made their debut in April 2016 with the digital singles "7th Sense" and "Without You." Taeil, Doyoung, Mark, Taeyong, Jaehyun, and Ten are the first NCT U members to make their public debut.

Before NCT U made their first comeback in February 2018 with the song "Boss," which is a part of NCT's 2018 album "Empathy," one year and ten months had passed. This time, Jungwoo, Doyoung, Lucas, Jaehyun, Taeyong, Winwin, and Mark are on the list.

Cross Gene

In June 2012, Cross Gene made its Amuse Korea debut. The six-member boy band released "Timeless: Begins," a mini-album that includes the title song "La-Di Da-Di."

Sadly, Cross Gene had a few lineup changes while they were away from the music scene. J.G left the group in January 2013, and Seyoung was brought in to fill his position.

Cross Gene made a reappearance in Korea in June 2014, two years after their debut, with the digital song "Amazing -Bad Lady-."


With the single "Playback," Clear Company debuted its first idol group, Playback, in June 2015. Later, Tyler Kwon's company Clear Company merged with Coridel Entertainment, which he founded in the same year. In the end, Coridel was in charge of the girl group.

Playback made their first comeback with their first single album "Want You to Say" as a five-member group after two years and four months (October 2017). In April 2017, Eunjin, who had been dropped from the group before their debut, was reinstated.

Pocket Girls

With the digital song "Bbang Bbang," Pocket Girls made their MissDica Entertainment debut in April 2015. The participants in the lineup were Yeonji, JuA, SeA, and Soyoon.

Then, in two years and six months (October 2017), Pocket Girls made a comeback with another digital single, "Oppa is Trash." Additionally, Minchae, ChaeA, and Habin were new additions to the group at that time.

Live High

Hangyeol, Emily, A.Jia, and Gabin make up the band Live High, which released their debut song, "Hakuna Matata," in July 2013. In May 2016, the group made a comeback with their second single, "Happy Song," and three new members, Ceena, Bohye, and Rhea.

Six Bomb

The K-pop group with the second-longest wait before their debut comeback is likely Six Bomb. In January 2012, the girl group made their debut with the "Six Bomb First Mini Album" mini-album.

After three years and four months, they then made a comeback in May 2015 with a revised version of their song "Step to Me," three new members (Dain, Han Bi, and U Chung), as well as Hyejin, the original member, who now goes by the stage name Soa.


SHU-I may have been the K-pop group that waited for the longest before making a comeback. In September 2009, the five-piece male group released their first digital song, "Bomb Bomb Bomb."

After three years and ten months since their debut, the quintet released "Don't Back Down," their debut mini-album, in July 2013.

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