These 7 K-pop group debuts were postponed: Twinkle, twinkle, and more


These 7 K-pop group debuts were postponed: Twinkle, twinkle, and more

Numerous K-pop entertainment businesses have tried to introduce idol groups; although some have been successful, others have failed as a result of unanticipated circumstances. Here are some K-pop groups that were created but didn't make their public debut.

1. BIGBANG G-Dragon & Taeyang

G-Dragon and Taeyang have trained the longest out of all the BIGBANG members. They literally grew up together, and it was announced that they will make their hip-hop duet debut.

But Yang Hyun Suk changed his mind and decided to launch them as an idol group called BIGBANG, along with other trainees. Due to the cancellation of his duet debut with Taeyang, G-Dragon was against the concept. However, GD eventually made friends with the other BIGBANG members.

2. Sparkling

Rurulala Entertainment created the pre-debut female group known as Sparkling. The group's three members were first made public by the corporation, after which it announced an audition where more team members would be recruited.

However, after that, there were no further updates provided, and Sparkling's social media profiles were erased, suggesting that their debut would not go as scheduled.

3. Twinkle

Another pre-debut girl groups whose debut was postponed is Twinkle. It was a group of seven trainees assembled by Elephant Entertainment in April 2016 and included Dohee, Sol-E, Sujin, Areum, Junhee, Sunyul, and Eunbyeol.

But after July, there were no more declarations regarding their debut, and all of their SNS profiles were deactivated. As a result, it is assumed that Twinkle won't be launched anymore.

4. PlayM BOYS (formerly known as FAVEBOYS)

A boy group, known as PlayM BOYS in their pre-debut days, was scheduled to make its debut under the Play M Entertainment banner. Six trainees, including Doyum, Jinsung, Jimin, Seunghwan, Byeonghee, and Hyeongbin, made up the group.

However, Hyeongbin, Jinsung, and Seunghwan quit PlayM BOYS in 2020, and their social media accounts were eventually erased in 2021. The final three members left the agency and relocated to BlueDot Entertainment, where they made their debut as JUST B members.


The first girl group from All-S Company was set to make their public debut under the working name ALLS-GIRL. Six trainees—Ria, Yeonchae, Yujin, Karam, Yuha, and Seoyoung—were announced as team members. The sextet was planned to make its debut in 2019, however, since the alleged members each departed the agency independently, the group's debut was postponed.

6. B.O.i

Five trainees—Noah, Dal, Han.S, Luxin, and Joon Hyeo—made up the pre-debut boy group B.O.i under M.fel Entertainment. On August 22, 2013, the quintet released the pre-release digital song "Please Find Her" ahead of their debut. Since then, there have been no new debut teasers for the boy group.


The pre-debut female group ONO GIRLZ was created in collaboration with Star Entertainment and ONO Entertainment. The group, originally known as BLACKMAMBA, had originally planned to make their debut in April 2018, but the launch was postponed owing to lineup changes. Since there have been no fresh updates since 2020 and all SNS content has been deleted, it is likely that their debut has been abandoned.

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