Want to know the true story of lust and love? Then read it.


           Want to know the true story of lust and love? Then read it.

Yosta Rei Miller, Social Psychologist, Social Psychologist, Social Psychologist, Social Psychologist, Social Psychologist and Kinsey Institute Author, Social Psychologist, Social Psychology, Social Psychologist and Kinsey Institute’s Author," Science of Sexual Desktops and Sex Improve Sex You can help you. Life. “He says. love desire. Sometimes sexual sexuality Emotionally powered Romantic, emotional, mentally, and mentally connected and physical connections Sometimes with sometimes sexual or physical connections, sometimes emotional, mental, romantic, or spiritual connections You can experienced whether the presence or absence of joy can experience with or without love Do you know what I feel? Desires and love with some self-determinations are very easy to separate. 

Ask yourself: What physical sensations do I experience when I see this person? Do you want this person to be sexually touched? How does it feel if they have already done it? Are you dreaming of the future with this person? Do you have a sexual fantasy about this person? Want to take this person to a family, work, or friend event? Or do I just want to take her to my bed? How would you describe your relationship with this person? “The last is mostly about physical excitement and desire for someone else,” Lehmiller explains. “If your mind is palpitates every time you see this other person, you can feel the rush of awakening with a slight touch of your body, and you sexually stop fantasizing about them. No, it’s probably a desire, “he says. In contrast, “If you reveal to each other personal details that you don’t normally share, it’s probably if you support each other emotionally, integrate them into your life, and look back on your future together. “It’s love.” Basically, you “re-love that you can if you’re connected beyond physical attraction. is actually someone else feeling there?” Are there any signs to search to determine how? Well, not. First of all, desire and love are not mutually exclusive.

“Experience undesired love or unloved desires. You can, but it is possible to experience both [for the same person] at the same time, “says Lee Miller. Second, people express love in different ways. “Some people express love in words,” he says. “Others express it through actions.” Finally, the best way to find out how someone feels about you is to never go through a checklist of actions and traits. It is communicating with them. (and it’s true if that person is your potential partner, fiancé, or FWB!) Overall, Lee Miller is one of the most important signs of love, a shared relationship. It is an intimate and emotional connection that develops over time through. And self-disclosure. “So if someone wants to spend a lot of time with you outside the bedroom, if they reveal really personal and intimate details about themselves, they ask you many questions and about you If you seem interested in learning, if you introduce family and friends, or plan for the future, these can all be signs of love, “he says. .. On the other hand, if someone just wants to spend time in bed with you and doesn’t seem to invest in your life beyond the walls of the bedroom, you’re probably dealing with desires, Lee Miller said. say. How can I recognize or invite joy? Have you ever cared about your beeswax while drinking beeswax at her coffee shop when a hot woman wets or tightens her underwear? 

It’s a desire. Desire is also the sensation that a fascinating actor, model, or educator feels when viewed on an Instagram screen. But while desires often strike you, desires are also something you can grow. How? Through communication. “In order to want someone or have fun with them, you need to know them, know who they are and what they like, and share your own intimate desires and needs.” , Says Andrew Gruza, chief sex educator for the disabled. Executive and co-founder of Handi, a company that makes sex toys for people with disabilities. To do this, you can: Read 64 flirting, dirty, and finally insightful questions and ask your partner together. Buy and play BestSelf Intimacy Deck or use the Mouth Sex and Relationships Conversation Starter Kit. Complete this worksheet together. Yes-No-Maybe complete the list together (like this, this, and this). Let’s start talking more about sex * outside * in the bedroom.

 Compliment yourself more. Leave a glossy note so that your partner can be found. “There is no guarantee that any of these tools will work, but the idea is to try different things and see if it can lead you to more sexual interest,” said the relationship. Expert and co-founder of Viva, Jor El Caraballo, M. Ed says-Wellness. How can I recognize or invite love? “Fostering love is a much longer process than fostering desires, but it still depends on communicating with others,” says Guruza. care is also needed for love: compromise Patience Passed Commitment to eliminate feelings of judgment But both Gurza and Caraballo are sceptical about the possibility of growing love that no longer exists. “

Love can come time, but you shouldn’t force anything,” Gurza said. “Sometimes love isn’t either there,” Caraballo is added. For this reason, it is advisable to develop relationship maintenance skills with relationship sustainability rather than trying to develop love rather than Caraballo. says, “Relationships can be supported and how they receive their love through the sharing of each partner, how they actually feel,” he says. You can also maintain relationships. Listen to your partner’s needs Respect both their limits and their limitations Communicate with the intention. Share your more fragile feelings to share your parts and put your partner location Another one more important? No! When we talk about desires for love, the pleasure is excellent, so love is excellent, so love is excellent, so the pleasure is excellent, so the pleasure is excellent, so Marymargaret Sweeney, LSW Is a founder of search and summoning. But that is not so! “The desire is not inferior to love, it’s just different” she says she. “The desire can help us feel that we are sexy and want, playful and attractive.



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