can endometriosis cause infertility?

Can endometriosis cause infertility?

 According to the researchers, if a woman has Endometriosis or Fertility based Endometriosis, then there are higher chances of facing issues in conceiving the baby. Based on multiple studies done to date, the researchers have said that the total percentage of endometriosis a woman has during her laparoscopy period tells much more about her chances of fertility in the upcoming future. 

In the article today, you will get the knowledge about whether or not endometriosis is responsible for infertility among women trying to conceive. 

Can endometriosis cause infertility?

Yes, endometriosis can cause infertility problems among women. Endometriosis makes it difficult for a woman to become pregnant for years and years. You may face the forever infertility problem if you do not get it treated within the given time. Also, based upon your diagnosis, the doctor will determine the stage of Endometriosis you are currently in! Starting from stage 1 to stage 4, your treatment process is determined. If you lie in stage 1, then your treatment and early recovery are very much possible. More and more complications are expected if you are under the trap of a state 4. Understand the staging system from the below section to better assess your endometriosis illness -

Stage I endometriosis:- Under the stage 1 endometriosis illness, the chance of life danger is very minimal as it's perfectly curable. Here you will find the endometriosis's limited small implants. These come without the occurrence of any scar tissues.

Stage II endometriosis:- Under stage 2 endometriosis, the severity linked to your life is mild. The doctor finds many additional implants of endometriosis as compared to what is found in stage 1.  Although these implants are tinier than 2 inches of the abdomen. Also, you won't find any scar tissue in this. 

Stage III endometriosis:-  Under Stage III endometriosis, the level of seriousness related to the disease is of moderate level. You will find endometriosis inside your abdomen as well in this stage. It is generally very in-depth and also leads to establishing the pockets of endometriotic fluid inside your ovaries. We also call them the chocolate cysts as well as the endometriomas. You will also see the presence of scar tissues surrounding the ovaries.

Stage IV endometriosis:- Under this stage, the risk associated with the endometriosis illness is pretty much high. Here you will witness the enormous endometriotic cysts present inside your ovaries. You may also see the scar tissues in the middle of a uterus and the rectum I.e., the downward portion of your intestines. and also upon the ovaries as well as the fallopian tubes. 

What is the surgical treatment available for Endometriosis due to infertility? 

All those females that are under the trap of Stage I and Stage II endometriosis hold a higher chance of getting fertility naturally. In contrast to this, few medical studies state that one might develop endometriosis in case she undergoes the laparoscopy due to infertility in comparison to those women who get pregnant naturally without facing any complications. Other studies are also conducted about this topic. These additional studies suggest that the pregnancy rates are generally enhanced in Stage I and Stage II endometriosis and other issues get eliminated from the patient's body using the surgical method. 

Women having Stage III and Stage IV endometriosis, after surgical treatment, have a high chance of getting pregnant as it successfully eliminates the scar tissue as well as the endometriotic cysts. We also can't deny the fact that all the women who have endometriosis are prone to developing cysts which usually repeat themselves from the time you discard the cysts. Then she is at a threat of losing the quality as well as the number of eggs that are being generated from her ovaries. It can prove to be very difficult for her to become pregnant in the future. 

What is the medical treatment available for Infertility due to Endometriosis? 

You will have to undergo a full fertility examination before commencing the fertility treatment. It generally comprises hormone testing as well as the general blood test. Moreover, the overall sperm count of your partner shall also be examined. The doctor will perform the Medical therapies based on the endometriosis stage you have. A further explanation to this is stated below - 

STAGE I to STAGE II ENDOMETRIOSIS CLOMIPHENE IUI TREATMENT:- The fertility medication is provided by the doctor to the patient exactly five days after the starting of a menstrual period. The male sperm is taken up to the lab to process it further. After this step is done, the woman is invited into the clinic while she is undergoing ovulation, so that the male's sperm shall be easily put inside her uterus using a tiny canal. The entire procedure is identical to the pap test & takes place at the time of a speculum exam. 

STAGE III to STAGE IV ENDOMETRIOSIS:- The doctor will recommend you to go for the IVF - in vitro fertilization, in case you fail to get pregnant at the period of 6 to 12 months after your endometriosis surgical treatment for the moderate to severe case of endometriosis is completed. For most of the patients, you will find that the fallopian tubes get blocked along with having scar tissues. 

Key Takeaways 

Getting infertile due to endometriosis has become extremely common nowadays. That's why it's being used to get all the symptoms of endometriosis checked, diagnosed, and treated at early endometriosis stages. It will ensure to get rid of unwanted repercussions. Based on your stage, the doctor will start the best possible treatment. You need to adhere to all the guidelines provided by him to get your health better as soon as possible. If you are at stage 1 of endometriosis, getting pregnant is pretty much possible with the relevant treatment. But, if you are at stage 4 of endometriosis, then getting pregnant becomes highly questionable and difficult. 

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