Is Too Much Exercise Good for Heart?


Is Too Much Exercise Good for Heart?


Can overexercising be harmful to your heart? Dr. Anbu Pandain explains tricks to maintain a healthy balance between lifestyle and exercise.


If the past few years have educated the USA something, it's the very fact that health is extremely vital. Prioritising exercise and healthy consumption habits are some of the simplest habits that assist you to keep yourself healthy. For most folks, exercise is one of the few things to try and do with the form of your body. However, its advantages go beyond physical health, it improves overall health and reduces the chance of heart diseases, diabetes and more. whereas moderate exercise is nice for your health, an excessive amount of exercise is dangerous.


Dr Anbu Pandain, Medical adviser, Agasta India points out that it's very important to be aware of the danger related to overexercising whether or not you're a fitness enthusiast. whereas exercise is definitely useful, doing an excessive amount of it can be harmful. The disadvantages of overtraining are going to be mentioned during this article, still as recommendations on how to be safe whereas still obtaining your exertion in. So, if you are on the fence regarding whether or not that spin category or marathon is really worthwhile, keep reading!


How can Regular Exercising Help?


There are innumerable advantages to exercise, both for our physical and mental state. Dr Pandain explains, "Regular exercise has been shown to boost heart health, increase fitness and facilitate us maintain a healthy weight. Exercise may also facilitate cutting back stress levels, improve sleep and boost our mood. And, of course, exercise is crucial for keeping our bodies in form. whether or not we are wanting to work out or just keep in sensible healthiness, exercise is the key."


How do we get to know if we're overexerted?


How much exercise is just too much? it is a question that plagues athletes and casual exercisers alike. And, sadly, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. the number of exercises that are safe for one person could also be an excessive amount for another. So, how are you able to understand if you're} doing too much? There are a couple of warning signs that everybody should stay up for. First, concentrate on your heart rate. If your heart rate is systematically more than normal, or if you are feeling like your heart is racing even once you are at rest, it is a sign that you simply could also be overdoing it. you must conjointly monitor your HRV (heart rate variability). this can be a this is of the time between every heartbeat, and it will provide you with an indication of your heart's overall health. If your HRV is low, it suggests that your heart is not ready to recover from exercise in addition because it ought to be, and this will cause issues down the road. Finally, hear your body. If you feel excessively tired or sore, or  if you discover yourself getting sick more often than usual, it is a sign that you simply got to reduce your exercise, said Dr. Pandain


Potential Risk to Over Exercising


Too much exercise will place a strain on your heart. after you exercise intensely, your pulse rate will increase and your body releases stress hormones. These changes will result in an enlarged risk of attack and cardiac arrest. additionally, if you've got a cardiovascular disease, an excessive amount of exercise will worsen your symptoms and effective treatments. in addition, those who exercise too much are in danger of developing an irregular cardiac rhythm, which may be fatal. Finally, an excessive amount of exercise may scale back your HRV (heart rate variability), creating you additionally vulnerable to ill health. Therefore, it is important to talk with a doctor before beginning any new exercise programme.


A healthy balance between exercise and rest can be maintained by the following tips:


Everyone is aware that exercise is vital for overall health, however, it is also vital to take your time out for rest and recovery. Over-exercising will result in serious health issues, thus it is important to search out a balance that works for you. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy balance between exercise and rest:

       Monitor your heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) throughout the exercise. If you begin to feel chest pain or shortness of breath, it is time to take a possibility

       Take a minimum of one day off from your exercise routine weekly. this offers your body time to recover and prevents burnout

       Listen to your body. If you are feeling exhausted, do not push yourself to exercise. Taking many days off can be simply what you wish

       Finding the correct balance between exercise and rest is totally different for everybody however following the following pointers will assist you to keep healthy and avoid over-exercising.


Expert Advice


While moderate exercise is crucial for a healthy heart, an excessive amount of exercise will truly do more damage than good. If you are not certain what quantity of exercise is correct for you, or if you would like to track your heart health and see how it changes over time, take into account watching it frequently. This will assist you to perceive how different types of exercise impact your overall cardiovascular health and assist you to keep safe while working out.

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