Can stretch marks be removed?

Can stretch marks be removed?

 A stretch mark is a commonly seen scar, especially among women of all ages. It usually formulates & expands with age as well as at the time of shrinking or stretching of the skin. It leads to sudden changes and results in collagen & elastin. This method ahead acts as a backing hand for the skin for the process of rupturing. Stretch marks are constructed on your body surface when your skin tries to heal the scar over time. If you suffer from having consistent fluctuations in the hormone levels, then getting these is very normal. Although such narrow bands don't get formed on everybody's skin texture. Stretch marks also have a wider role to play in terms of genetics. Genetics, or let's say that if somebody in your family has this problem, then there are higher chances of you getting the same. 

These marks can appear on your skin due to various reasons. One of the reasons is the use of corticosteroids over the skin area for a prolonged time. Also, another reason causing the stretch marks on your body is being an active patient of Cushing's disease and Marfan syndrome. There are also other reasons apart from this. Stretch marks are bound to change their color and shape with time. Initially, they are formed as purple, reddish-brown, red, pink, or dark brown color. During these beginning stages, these stretch marks are very itchy and lifted. With each passing month, the color gets faded and can be a little bit itchy. In this article, you will learn about whether or not the stretch marks should be removed from the roots or not. 

Can stretch marks be removed?

Yeah, the stretch marks can be removed with time. Although, there are fewer chances of removing it 100% from the roots. There are many remedies available to lessen the visibility of the stretch marks. You can either hire a professional healthcare specialist or go for home remedies to treat the stretch marks problem. Various medications and methods are used by dermatologists for treating these stretch marks. Here are some of them that you can work upon. 

  1. Medication: Generally, using Hyaluronic acid and Tretinoin, the two main medications can tremendously help you to fade your scar coming from the stretch marks. When you had a word with your healthcare specialist, he will recommend you to use it for over 24 weeks continuously every night. It will help to fade out the visibility of the stretch mark and will make it less noticeable in the eyes of other people. Tretinoin is a very effective form of retinoid that has industrial proven benefits to disappear the scars early. Alternatively, you can also go for Retinol which is another form of retinoid meant for treating the scars. 

  1. Home remedies: Home remedies are effective only when it's used along with other treatment alternatives. Various studies have been conducted that show home remedies are not effective in fading out the scar or stretch mark all alone. But, you can use it as an additional option for performing the treatment. You can take olive oil, almond oil, vitamin E, butter cocoa, etc, and use them to massage it over your effective area. It will help you to relieve and fade out the scars naturally. 

  1. Treatments Performed by a dermatologist: If you plan to take the treatment from a well-known dermatologist, he is going to perform one of the following treatments on you to get the early results. Although such treatments do not 100% assure you to get free from the scars but can effectively better your situation. The specialist might use one or more treatments altogether if needed to efficiently treat your unique case. Let's take an example of this situation. He might use the radiofrequency treatment along with a pulse dye laser for treating your case. 

Based on your health, age, and existing concerns, he will suggest the best possible treatment available. The case is different for every person, so not every therapy is going to be effective for everybody. It will be conducted based on proper diagnosis. He might conduct the following treatments -

  • Radiofrequency

  • Chemical peel

  • Laser therapy

  • Ultrasound

  • Microdermabrasion

  1. Lotions, Gels & Creams: There are varied gels, lotions, and creams available in the market for treating stretch marks. Although, these remedies are not going to be useful and effective every time. Make sure to take in notice the following things while using the gels, lotions, and creams - 

  • Make sure to apply these product items whenever you begin to have stretch marks. Performing this treatment on your stretch marks might seem to be ineffective once your stretch marks start to mature. 

  • Gently take a portion of the gel, lotion, or a suggested cream and gradually massage the item over your affected stretch mark area. Take at least 3 to 5 minutes to gradually massage the item on your stretch marks to ensure its effectiveness.  

  • Make sure to apply the item for each day for some weeks or months to see the effectiveness of the results. 

Key Takeaways 

No therapy available for the treatment of the stretch marks is 100% effective and it varies based on individual cases to cases. The treatments that you shall go for treating this sickness online or at the offline chemist stores are quite expensive and ineffective too. So, for minor cases, you shall go for these therapies but it's not at all effective in the long run. Also, if you find yourself in a situation where you are continuously using these alternatives and yet not getting any profitable outcomes, then it's high time to contact a doctor and get the proper check-up done. The in-office procedures adopted are 80% more profitable and effective in treating your stretch marks problem. The creams, lotions, or medicines you buy online can give you only temporary relief and isn't effective in the long run. 

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