Here's what made Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's extravagant baby shower so noteworthy.


Here's what made Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's extravagant baby shower so noteworthy.


In March of this year, Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actor, made her pregnancy announcement on social media. Since then, she has been consistently posting photos of herself showing off her growing baby bulge and providing fashion inspiration for women all around the world.

The expectant mother has been busy preparing a lavish baby shower as well as prenatal photo shoots and shopping trips with her sister Rhea Kapoor. The couple hosted a lavish fairy-tale-style party and invited some friends and relatives!

The Neerja star was glowing throughout her pregnancy and looked stunning in a pink halter-neck maxi dress.

Beautiful decorations, a special meal, and gifts made just for you

Fashion designer Sonam Kapoor is renowned for her elegant appearance and passion for design, and those qualities were clearly evident in the preparations made for the baby shower.

The actor's sister Rhea Kapoor was among the guests who uploaded pictures from the event. She shared photos of the elegant outdoor setup, gorgeous décor, and personalised food and napkins while tagging Sonam.

Such a lovely baby shower, Rhea wrote.

The visitors also took turns peeking into the tiny gift packet, which had a lovely neckpiece bearing each of their names.

At the gathering, Leo Kalyan performs "Masakali."

Leo Kalyan, a British Pakistani singer-songwriter, model, and music producer, brought further energy to the occasion by singing a number of Bollywood favourites at the shower, including Sonam Kapoor's well-known song "Masakali."

Leo posted a photo to social media with the caption, "A spicy girl in Bollywood. What is life, I just performed at Sonam Kapoor's baby shower?

The day was even more special because of a kind deed.

All of Sonam Kapoor's fans were undoubtedly thrilled with her baby shower, but the actor's philanthropic deed should not be overlooked. A humanitarian orphanage called "Welfare Home for Children" received cartons of milk packets from Sonam and her family.

The Neerja star gave peeks of the same through her social media.

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