Pre-marital sex and pregnancy, according to Dia Mirza, are personal decisions. We are not, in my opinion, progressive.


Pre-marital sex and pregnancy, according to Dia Mirza, are personal decisions. We are not, in my opinion, progressive


Not all love stories end happily. Some relationships end poorly, while others rediscover love. Dia Mirza, a well-known Bollywood actress, experienced a similar incident. After 11 years of marriage, she filed for divorce from her first spouse, Sahil Sangha, in 2019. Nevertheless, she had discovered love once more in Vaibhav Rekhi's arms. The couple, who have reportedly been dating since 2020, were reportedly living together during the country's lockdown.

Dia announced her engagement to Vaibhav on February 14, 2021, pleasantly surprising her countless followers. The pair held a private pre-wedding party before getting married in front of their loved ones in a small ceremony. Yet a month and a half after being married, Dia revealed another startling development when she announced her pregnancy on April 1, 2021. The actress, however, paid no attention to the trolls. She was blessed with the birth of Avyaan in July 2021.

Dia Mirza recently discussed her opinions on premarital sex and pregnancy in an interview with Economic times. She asserted that engaging in a romantic relationship before marriage is a personal decision and that having intimate relationships is a human right. The actress expressed her thoughts on the subject by stating that one should not feel threatened or afraid to use their right. "I feel that when it comes to personal choice and the power of personal choice, it can only be appreciated by people who make sure they do so, not threatened and not scared of making the choice that you need to as an individual," she said.

Dia Mirza also mentioned during the same session that many people experience regressive ideas towards premarital sex, pregnancy, and a variety of other topics. However, students ought to be aware that everyone has the freedom to make their own choices according to their particular preferences. Dia also said that despite what they may believe, people are not as progressive or open-minded as they appear to be. Her words are:

And while there may be many individuals who have outdated beliefs about issues like premarital sex, premarital pregnancy, or anything else for that matter, there are sufficient numbers of people who acknowledge that it is a personal choice that people have the right to make if they so desire. I don't believe we are as forward-thinking as we like to think of ourselves as being.

Dia announced her pregnancy on April 1, 2021, via her Instagram account and a lovely shot from her trip to the Maldives. She had been stunning in a red-hued flowery outfit while holding her growing baby in her palm. She had, however, received a tonne of abuse for announcing her pregnancy just one month after her wedding. One individual stood out for his scathing comment regarding Dia's timing of the pregnancy announcement.

One person commented: The problem is, she tried to break stereotypes with the woman priest, why couldn't she announce her pregnancy before the marriage? Isn't getting pregnant after marriage a stereotype we follow? Why can't women get pregnant before marriage?

Dia had given a scathing reply, sharing that they were getting married even before learning about their pregnancy. And this was something she had wanted for a long time and there and having a child is a beautiful thing, there should not be any shame attached to it.

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