10 crucial subjects to talk about with your teenagers


10 crucial subjects to talk about with your teenagers


The teen years are a highly vulnerable time for children. A youngster takes crucial decisions at this age that will either make or break their future. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to talk with their children about certain sensitive topics. This is done to prevent them from being misled in public.

The following are crucial subjects to go over with your teens:

1. Changes to the body and emotions

Pubertal changes are one of the key changes that characterise adolescence, therefore parents no longer need to be embarrassed to talk about them with their adolescents.

According to Wikipedia, puberty is the physical process that transforms a child's body into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction. You need to talk to your teenagers about the physical and emotional changes they will start to go through and help them realise that these changes are a natural part of their body's development during this period. Without withholding any crucial information from them, this subject should be conveyed honestly and as plainly as possible.

2. Academic requirements

Your teenagers are currently gradually being exposed to more academic material, and there are high expectations for their academic performance. They start taking important exams that determine whether they move on to the next stage of their academic studies. You should sit down with your teenagers and go over your expectations for them academically as well as how you two can collaborate to help them attain academic greatness. If necessary, you might pay a private tutor to assist your adolescent in their academic endeavours.

3. Sex

In the modern world, there is a lot of sex. It appears in songs, films, literature, and advertisements. It's important to talk about sex with your teenagers because none of us wants them to start having sex so young in life. Make sure they are aware of the risks associated with premarital sex and why it is preferable for them to wait until they are married before engaging in it. Additionally, as this virtue is eroding in our generation, you should help them understand the honour and beauty of remaining virgins until their wedding night.

4. Personal Freedom

Teenagers have a constant quest for personal freedom. They view this time as a chance to travel and discover new places. We as parents cannot protect and shield our children indefinitely. However, we must convey to our teenagers the importance of personal accountability that comes with personal freedom. After all, if their freedom is abused, it will be their life that is destroyed.

5. Peer pressure and friendship

No of their age, parents will need to have a conversation with their kids about peer pressure and friend choices because those decisions will ultimately shape who they become. As a parent, you should talk to your kids about the value of self-acceptance and self-esteem because knowing this will influence their friendship choices.

Additionally, tell your adolescents that if peer pressure isn't constructive, they shouldn't give in because it will have a bad result. You can also discuss your past experiences and any mistakes you may have made with them. Request from them some of their personal experiences. Last but not least, continually reassure them that you are the best and most dependable person in their lives.

6. Dating 

It is imperative to have a dating conversation with your teenagers. The world is changing quickly, and numerous unhealthy behaviours are now accepted as the standard. You should have a conversation with your teenagers about what a romantic relationship entails when it's OK to be in one, how to create boundaries, and any prerequisites they must fulfil before entering a relationship.

7. Bullying

You should be aware of your child's propensity for bullying as a decent and responsible parent. Many people's memories of the Sylvester Oromoni case from Dowen College are still fresh.

Your teen has to be taught about bullying, including what it is, how to avoid becoming a victim of bullying, and its repercussions. In order for your kids to open up to you when they are being bullied, you should make sure that they are free to speak with you.

8. Alcohol and drug use

In practically every aspect of our culture today, drug and alcohol use is prevalent. Teenagers look to their parents as good role models in this area because they are more likely to obey us when we are living examples of the lessons, we are trying to teach them. You need to be honest with them about what you saw and heard when you were their age and provide examples of individuals you know who have had or are currently experiencing the negative impacts of drug or alcohol abuse.

9. Depression

Another difficult topic to broach with teenagers is depression. Most adults are afraid to seek treatment because mental health issues are so stigmatised in our culture. Now consider how difficult it will be for a teen to open up. Parents must talk honestly about depression. Your teens should be informed about it and how it impacts individuals. Parents must foster an atmosphere where their children feel comfortable approaching them and communicating their feelings. The difference between receiving assistance in time and it being too late can often be determined by one's ability to feel secure.

10. Spirituality and faith

The variety of religions in modern culture might lead to peculiar faith and spirituality in each household. Regardless of our differing worldviews, we must teach our teenagers that a Supreme being is in charge of our lives. and for them to understand the importance of doing what He says with their lives.

Depending on how you approach it and how well you understand the quirks of teenagers, training a teenager may be the easiest or hardest task you ever take on as parents or guardians. In the end, you should exert every effort to raise your kids into mature adults as soon as possible.

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