8 facts regarding the rhythm method of contraception you probably didn't know


8 facts regarding the rhythm method of contraception you probably didn't know

Rhythm birth control including its effectiveness how popular has it been in recent years? Some women just use them to track their cycles, which is usually good to understand what is going on. But others depend upon them to allow them to know after they ovulate (and once they don't) so they'll theoretically have unprotected sex and avoid pregnancy.


As with any change in contraception, you ought to discuss this together with your doctor before deciding to undertake the 1-beat method on your own. The Contrast of Trying to induce Pregnancy

1.    Opposite of pregnancy

"The Rhythm Method may be a natural planning strategy that may be employed by women to prevent pregnancy," says gynecologist and fertility specialist, Dr. Larisa Corda, at Cosmopolitan, said. "This involves tracking your oscillation yet as after you conceived, so you'll be able to decide when it's safe to possess sex. If you've got regular cycles, you'll predict ovulation and determine the foremost fertile time. "It's the alternative of what couples who want to urge pregnant do, which is sex during fertile periods.


2.    But this is often not identical to family planning

Birth prevention means the person withdraws his penis before he ejaculates during sex, and that is not the foremost dangerous thanks to avoiding pregnancy. in step with SHL UK, around 22 out of 100 women get pregnant every year by withdrawal. the 2 will be combined, but they're still not completely effective for pregnancy (or STIs).


3.    Back-up contraception is usually recommended while using the Rhythm Method, especially during the first time once you cannot be sure of your ovulation window.

We all know that monthly cycles can vary, so until you track your cycle for some months, you will not have a precise idea of ​​when you ovulate. “During this era, you'll need to abstain from sex or use a backup method, like condoms, which can also help protect you from STIs,” says Dr.Larisa. Why some women can still get pregnant using the pill. This is often the smallest amount of reliable common sort of contraception Dr. Larisa explains: "Although it avoids some side effects, side effects of hormonal contraceptives and encourages women to become much healthier and attentive to their cycles, this can be the smallest amount reliable variety of contraception, with success rates between 80-87% this is often because to be able to use it effectively, you would like to own regular, predictable and disciplined cycles to not copulate or use prophylaxis. reported lower success rates. it's even less reliable for ladies who have just been born. it's because of the changes your body undergoes during this point. "However, even in women with regular cycles, the matter is that every month will be slightly different and influenced by factors like stress or maybe a cold, meaning the method Ovulation will be disrupted."


6. Sperm can sleep in your body for up to 5 days

This could essentially render the calendar method of birth control useless, in some cases. as an example, "ovulation involves the discharge of an egg from the ovary," says Dr. "Once this can be done, an egg will be fertilized anywhere within 8 hours of ovulation. However, sperm can last longer, which suggests you'll theoretically have an It's possible to induce pregnancy whether or not you've got sex seven days before you ovulate, so your chances of conceiving can be anywhere from every week before ovulation to 2 days after ovulation." That's right. An honest time to abstain from sex monthly if you propose to use it as a permanent method.


7. There are several ways to trace your cycle, 

including a temperature check. you'll get extra help in predicting ovulation by monitoring your temperature, cervical secretions, and signs of ovulation. another egg."

During ovulation, most girls notice an egg-white discharge from their underwear. Your temperature also rises slightly, and a few women monitor these changes to keep them attentive to their ovulation date. “There are several apps to assist you. But there is a high level of commitment and you may need to go away many rooms during the month after you must avoid sex. “


8. It's not recommended for girls with PCOS

 Any condition that affects the regularity of your periods can significantly disrupt the Rhythm Method. And it is true for girls in perimenopause. "For this reason, the calendar method of birth control isn't the simplest choice for those who want to avoid pregnancy, while there are much safer and effective options available," explains Dr. "However, it is a great way to spice up body awareness and fertility in those who don't must completely avoid pregnancy."

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