Sriya's success in K-pop is no accident: An organized business is looking for Indian celebrities


Sriya's success in K-pop is no accident: An organized business is looking for Indian celebrities


If K-pop was an Olympic sport, then Sriya Lenka would be India’s initial gold medallist. For the last six months, the 18-year-old from Odisha has been living in the capital of South Korea coaching for her debut during a K-Pop — a lot of style language for pop originating from South Korea — band Blackswan. However, four of the six members, Lenka enclosed, hail from countries like Brazil, Senegal, and India.

Blackswan is an example of how South Korea has been actively promoting its most moneymaking export across the globe — pop. In a shot to plug K-pop into different countries, bands like Sriya’s area unit grasp the diversity and seek out members World Health Organization doesn’t adjust to the classic stereotype of K-pop band members. However, is it still K-pop? whereas such bands fuel the dreams and hopes of their international fan base, acceptance on their home turf isn't a given.

Industry consultants claim that this was the last word goal of the endeavor. “From the beginning, the goal of K-pop was globalization,” aforementioned Lee Soo Man, one of the pioneers of the K-pop trade World Health Organization is attributable for taking off the huge music phenomena, at a Stanford conference last month.

South Korea actively promotes this trade in the Republic of India, which includes a large K-pop fanbase. Every year, thousands of republics of Indians participate in the annual ‘K-POP India Contest’, conducted by the South Korean Embassy. Last year, 3,664 singers and dancers applied online for the event that culminates at a mega stage in South Korea, wherever winners from varied countries vie.

If the numbers area unit is any indication, subsequent K-pop idols from the Republic of India area unit are busy practicing their dance moves, acting on their vocals, and applying for unnumbered auditions online. It’s the route Lenka took for her shot at fame

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