Dating: TikTok dating advice that works


Dating: TikTok dating advice that works


Nowadays, it seems like few millennials and gen-zers seek out dating or relationship advice from their friends (or therapists).

They are instead viewing their TikTok for You Page.

The hashtag #DatingTok has had over 170 million views as of this writing, while hashtags about dating and dating advice have received over 200 million views.

TikTok has found its niche as the site where people go to exchange life hacks, tips, and the best products, despite the fact that it began as a social media platform for posting short videos.

Even while the veracity of such advice on TikTok can be questioned, people nonetheless take it into consideration and apply it to their lives.

However, #DatingTok frequently features reputable relationship and dating specialists like psychologists and dating coaches who truly offer helpful guidance.

Additionally, some of these authorities happily answer questions and requests for relationship guidance, which makes it much simpler for people to communicate with them and obtain the guidance they require.

However, a lot of the advice we've received on TikTok has actually been... fairly sound.

Here are a few that we love:

1: Having expectations when dating

A licensed sex and relationship coach, Janel Vitale. She frequently explores various relationship topics, such as infidelity and sexual concerns, in her films, which range from dating to marriage.

In one of her videos, she talks about the three different criteria she uses to determine whether or not to keep dating a person. Janel is essentially reminding us of the value of communication and expressing our needs to others through this exercise.

2: Don't take things too seriously.

When you first start dating someone, it's simple to get carried away and envision all the potential ways they could fit into your life.

When I was single and dating, I also fell into the trap of thinking some guys were relationship material when they weren't.

I would begin imagining how they would interact with my friends and if they would make good partners based on seemingly little gestures.

Ali Jackson, a relationship coach based in Brooklyn, believes that focusing all of your energy on projecting your feelings and thinking about someone that way could wind up harming you more than is required.

3. Avoid comparing your connection.

No matter how solid and secure your relationship is, insecurity will eventually surface.

Even relationship counselors like Kirstie Taylor can be affected by this, as it occurs far more frequently than we realize.

In her video, Kirstie describes how, after observing how her friends interacted with their spouses, she contrasted her relationship to theirs.

4: It's too much if it's affecting your mental health.

In this, under-a-minute-long video, dating expert Beka Smith helps us put things into perspective.

Many of us have a tendency to believe that an obvious event, such as physical abuse, is a sign of a poisonous relationship.

On the other hand, unhealthy relationships aren't often obvious from the outside.

5: If they wanted to, they would

Probably the most discussed and contentious piece of advice on TikTok, this proverb may have some merit.

This advice basically says that if a guy (or girl) is really interested in you, nothing will stop them from showing it to you in different ways or from making the effort to do things for you.

People shouldn't have to think too much about how others feel about them, and if they did, it's likely that the person they're crushing on doesn't feel the same way.

There are many videos on TikTok that explain this idea and depending on your worldview, it could be challenging to accept.

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