Pre-Dating Advice! Five things to keep in mind before meeting your crush on the town


Pre-Dating Advice! Five things to keep in mind before meeting your crush on the town


Oh, the pleasure of getting ready and taking our crush out to a fancy supper! Even while we adore first dates, we also need to be aware of the difficulties that they include. How much should I share? What subjects should you steer clear of? How should I dress? We're here to help if you find yourself worried about these issues all the time. Here are a few things to remember before a significant first date! Look it over:

Be Punctual

We're aware of the whole "fashionably late" idea, but believe us when we say that being on time will help you make a better impression. Would you prefer if they arrived later? No, I think. So please do the same for me.

Don’t Overshare

Though your life may be a complete shambles and you may despise your current manager and closest friend, please hold back on disclosing too much information on your first date. Yes, you should be upfront and honest about who you are, but that does not mean you should use your date as free personal therapy.

Avoid Mentioning Your Ex

If you've been mentioning your ex on every first date you've gone on, we strongly advise that you stop right away! Although we understand your want to be open and truthful about your past, it's crucial that you save the subject until a third or possibly even fourth date. On the first date, only say how long it's been since your last relationship, but avoid bringing up your ex's unpleasant quirks at all costs.

Wear something you feel at ease

We've said it before and we'll say it again: don't dress in a way that makes you uncomfortable solely to impress someone. Choose something you appreciate and are confident in instead.


While getting drunk and going bar hopping on first dates may seem like fun in movies, unfortunately, that's not how things normally work out. It's okay to have one or two drinks but keep in mind that it's not cool to be carried home by a complete stranger or to be slurring your words at the dinner table.

In conclusion, always stay true to who you are and have fun. And if you like the guy, don't be afraid to call him after the date instead of messaging first!

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