Should I call it quits, get engaged, or continue dating?


Should I call it quits, get engaged, or continue dating?


What to do if you're not sure if this is it.

What should you do if you've been seeing someone for a while but aren't sure if they're the one for you? Do you end the relationship, get hitched, or just keep dating and see where it goes? When there is no simple solution, how do you decide what to do?

Continue dating if you have any doubts. When unsure, leave. If you're honestly seeking clarification, you're doing what's best for the relationship, so don't worry that you could be leading your date on. Give both you and your date the space and time to clarify your thoughts at your own speed. By doing this, you'll avoid missing out on what would otherwise turn out to be a beautiful and lasting relationship.

But what if you've been dating for a particularly long time and are still unsure? Decision-making must be examined from the standpoints of your head, body, and soul.

Your Mind

The best method to make sense of your thoughts can occasionally be to discuss them with a dependable friend, mentor, family member, expert, or therapist. You can obtain clarity and perspective by talking it out. You don't want to be overwhelmed by too many diverse perspectives, so limit the number of people you confide in.

Make sure your mentor doesn't try to dictate your actions or influence your choices. Your mentor should be assisting you in discovering your own feelings and thoughts. An excellent mentor will listen most of the time and occasionally ask some insightful questions. They'll aid you in understanding what you're going through.

Your Body

Don't be scared to get in touch with your body and honestly feel your emotions when assessing your connection. Physical occurrences that can provide you with further insight into your feelings regarding your partner can be brought on by feelings.

What physical cues and body language do you exhibit while you are speaking with, thinking about, or physically being with your partner? Where are the feelings coming from, you could ask? If they are unpleasant, are the feelings a result of what they are doing, possible worry, or something you are subconsciously holding onto from your past? Consider keeping a diary of your thoughts and feelings when you go on dates. You can use that as a terrific tool to monitor your mental and physical well-being.


The evaluation process's most intuitive challenge is this one. Mediate in silence and pay attention to your inner voice. Only you are aware of your desires and experiences. Not the rest of the world trying to tell you what to do, but you are the one who needs to be happy. Never allow anyone to suppress your voice. Self-talk is important.

There are occasions when you simply require more knowledge and are unable to decide without specific experiences with your companion. Take your time and date until you have the knowledge and experiences needed to be confident in your choice.

When it's time to make a choice, consider your thoughts and feelings on this relationship with your mentors, as well as your mind, body, and soul. Additionally, always venture outside if you're unsure. Clarity will emerge at some point.

I hope you get the clarity you need to make the best choice with assurance.

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