9 K-pop Music Videos Filmed Abroad: TWICE, SEVENTEEN, and More!


9 K-pop Music Videos Filmed Abroad: TWICE, SEVENTEEN, and More!


Many K-pop entertainment groups and musicians choose to film their music videos in breathtaking locales outside of Korea as the Hallyu wave grows. Here is a compilation of only a few K-pop music videos that you might not be aware were shot abroad. You would undoubtedly be inspired to travel to these nations by these MVs.

1. TWICE- Likey MV

The music video for TWICE's song "Likey" was shot in Vancouver, Canada. The nation displays brilliant hues and provides a wide range of experiences for visitors, just like in the MV.

The video includes numerous famous locations, including Maple Tree Square, Alley Oop (the pink and yellow alleyway), and White Rock Pier.


The "Healing" music video by SEVENTEEN was filmed in Australia, the "Land Down Under." The SEVENTEEN members have fun and act silly in this music video as they play around in various locations throughout Sydney, Australia, including Sydney Harbor.

3. Girls’ Generation-Party MV

The "Party" music video by Girls' Generation was filmed on a stunning beach in keeping with their summer theme. Ko Samui, Thailand is home to gorgeous beaches, palm trees, glistening waters, and breathtaking sunsets. Particularly, it appears that Ban Tai Beach, which is renowned for its pristine sand and crystal-clear water, was used for the beach scenes.

4. G-Dragon-Crooked MV

BIGBANG member G-Dragon came all the way to London, England to film the music video for his solo song "Crooked." The nation is where history, fashion, delicious food, and beautiful architecture all flourish and is home to some of the world's most famous landmarks.

Several well-known locations can be seen in the MV, including Whitby Street and Brick Lane.

5. GOT7-A MV

It's possible that few people are aware that the GOT7 "A" music video was shot in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The nation has a tonne of fun activities, a unique culture, and delectable cuisine to offer in addition to the Holy Smoke Cafe where the members first met TWICE member Sana.

6. MAMAMOO-Starry Night MV

The stunning women of MAMAMOO shot the captivating nation of New Zealand for the "Starry Night" music video. The area is brimming with breathtaking natural wonders, including glistening beaches, undulating green hills, and soaring mountains.

The K-pop music video shoot took place in and around Auckland, showcasing the amazing beauty of the country.

7. BIGBANG- Bad Boy MV

New York City's bustling streets serve as the location for the "Bad Boy" music video shoot for BIGBANG. In fact, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, where the members stop by for a dance break, would be familiar to you if you've ever been there.

8. Red Velevt- Ice Cream Cake MV

Red Velvet had a similar experience with music video production outside of the Korean peninsula. The group traveled all the way to Palmdale, California to film their "Ice Cream Cake" MV, especially in the well-known filming location known as "Four Aces." One of California's most stunning deserts is that one.

9. Super Junior Kyuhyun-A Million Pieces MV

Viewers will undoubtedly be awed by Kyuhyun's "A Million Pieces" music video's jaw-dropping views in addition to the Super Junior member's vocals. The Trubsee Lake and other Switzerland's natural splendor are featured in the video, which was filmed in Zurich.

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