k-pop idols who quit their groups after debuting


K-pop idols who quit their groups after debuting


Kim Garam has been formally faraway from autoimmune disease Sserafim following her alleged bullying. Garam debuted with Hybe’s girl cluster in might and was shortly caught in a very windstorm of scandals that saw netizens frugal her no mercy.

After months of confusion regarding what would happen to Garam – along with her agency even golf shot her on a hiatus a similar month the cluster debuted – supply Music confirmed in a very statement on July twenty that it had determined to terminate its contract with the star. This makes Garam the idol to depart a gaggle the quickest once a debut, per Geo News.

But Garam isn’t the primary in K-pop showbiz to depart a gaggle therefore quickly. Here are 5 additional cases … and therefore the reasons behind their swift departures.

1. April’s Somin

While Somin is currently glorious for being a member of Kard, she was really a part of a lady cluster referred to as Gregorian calendar month before getting into the popular mixed-gender cluster. Somin debuted with Gregorian calendar month in 2015 however, 3 months once its debut song Dream Candy came out, she left the cluster, per K-pop Starz.

According to Koreaboo, Somin has no regrets. “I’m terribly happy I had the chance to be with the members I actually have currently,” she said.

Theories from netizens floated around on-line stating that Somin didn’t just like the idea DSP (the music label) had for Gregorian calendar month, therefore she took off to explore her choices. once connection Kard, her image modified from cute to daring and her genre of music took an entire flip with a combination of reggae-style, hip-hop songs.

2. Girl’s Day’s Jiin and Jisun

Jiin and Jisun debuted with Girl’s Day in 2010, however each members left the cluster simply 2 months once the discharge of their 1st mini-album. Jiin withdrew from the cluster to pursue her dreams of turning into associate degree actor and concentrate on auditioning for drama and film roles, in step with Koreaboo.

When she appeared in an episode of I will See Your Voice five, she talked regarding the results of her call to depart the cluster. She said, per Koreaboo, “After I quit Girl’s Day, I got lost and had tons of hassle obtaining back on the right track. I took no matter I might. I used to be a part-time model, a part-time cashier at a shop, and a part-time worker at a computer restaurant.

As of 2020, she is currently a trot singer below the anonym Jang Hyeri and signed up with massive pappa recreation, as per Kpop Starz.

Another Girl’s Day’s member Jisun additionally left the cluster to pursue her own interests in music. She joined 2 alternative teams once her departure from Girl’s Day however, sadly, each of them completes up in group action.

3. Day6’s Junhyeok

Junhyeok debuted with Day6 in 2015 collectively of its six original members, absorbing the position of player and instrumentalist. however around 5 months later, Junhyeok left the band and JYP declared it absolutely was thanks to “personal reasons” for terminating his contract, per K-pop Starz.

But there gave the impression to be additional behind Junhyeok’s departure from the cluster. simply before his departure, Junhyeok was caught in a very rumour that he was in a very romantic relationship with an addict, per K-pop Starz. Since JYP encompasses a ban for 3 years from an idol’s debut, Junhyeok would have broken his contract if the scandal were so true.

Fans on platforms like Reddit suspected that he either quit or was pushed bent shield the remainder of Day6. Following his termination, Junhyeok spoke regarding however he once feared doing music once more. He shared on the fact show The Unit, “The reason I thought of not doing music the least bit was as a result of I started inquisitive why folks were therefore alarming. I used to be therefore petrified of those that I couldn’t do something.” He added, “I desire folks are planning to criticise me regardless of what I do.”

4. marvel Girls’ Hyuna

Hyuna gained quality and fame through lady cluster 4Minute, then as a solo creative person manufacturing her own whole of distinctive popular music genre. However before she gained her legions of fans, Hyuna originally stepped into K-pop by debuting with marvel women– solely to quit 5 months later.

Unlike several alternative cases, however, there weren’t any scandals or issues at intervals the cluster that created her quit. She reportedly left for health reasons. in step with Aminoapps, Hyuna’s folks force her out of the cluster as a result of she was experiencing chronic stomach flu that resulted in continual fainting spells whereas she was promoting with the cluster.

After she quit the women band, Hyuna joined Cube recreation to be an area of 4Minute. Once her qualitative analysis scandal with Pentagon’s Dawn in 2018, the couple was laid-off from the agency and went on to sign with Psy’s P Nation wherever they currently unleash songs each as soloists and as a couple.

5. Dia’s Seunghee

Seunghee is thought for showing on TV series and films nowadays, however the well-known actor was originally a K-pop idol who 1st debuted with Five Dolls in 2010. The cluster disbanded four years later. She then joined a women cluster called military intelligence in 2015, a word form for jazz superb. However her idol days didn’t last long therewith cluster either, and he or she left but a year once its debut, per Koreaboo.

In an interview, in step with Soompi, Seunghee declared that she left military intelligence as a result of she fell into a creative slump. She said, I was unable to beat my slump, and that I thought I might be a hindrance to my company and therefore the members who I like if I continuing to push with military intelligence like this. Therefore, I left my company, finished the drama I used to be originally regular to try and do, then untired for a couple of year.

She declared that her slump was therefore severe she ne'er considered being a star once more. However a chance was given to her within the variety of an internet drama and he or she took the plunge to become the actor that she is currently.

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