How can I get pregnant naturally?

How can I get pregnant naturally?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time frame for any woman. However not every woman is blessed with getting pregnant. We all hope to conceive a baby by going through natural means and without any hardships. Natural conception is a very basic process that involves the entrance of sperm inside the vagina of a woman

and then passing through the cervix inside the vagina or the womb of a woman. Then it travels to the way of fallopian tubes for initiating the process of fertilization of a mature egg. The embryo produced as a result then travels back to the uterus & pertains to the uterus wall leading to the pregnancy. Doctors recommend having unprotected sexual intercourse often during the ovulation period. Moreover, maintaining a Healthy lifestyle and stress-free life is going to play a major role in getting pregnant naturally. In this article, we are going to learn about all the ways a woman can get pregnant naturally. 

What are the chances of Getting Pregnant Naturally? 

When talking about fertility and chances of getting pregnant naturally, the age factor of a woman matters a lot here. The condition of a woman getting fertile naturally in her 20s would not be the same as the woman trying to get pregnant in her 30s, 40s, and so on. This is all because the quality of an egg produced and the quantity of its production usually declines with increasing age. According to researchers and specialist doctors, it's been said that women in their 20s

have a high chance of conceiving a baby almost by 20 to 25%. It is so because the quality of egg production and its quantity is at optimum level. 

Women in their 30s have comparatively fewer chances of getting pregnant and the probability of conceiving each month is only 20% or less. This being said as soon as the woman crosses 35 years of age, her chances of getting pregnant usually decline. And a woman after this age might have to go for ovarian reserve testing planning pregnancy. Following this pattern, women in their forties have very minimal chances of getting pregnant and conceiving every month. The chances are only 1% to 2% of conceiving every month and there are next to no pregnancy chances for a woman having age between 45 to 49 years of age. 

Although this doesn't state by any means that a woman cannot get pregnant in her forties or fifties. It's just that there are fewer chances but if she has a good body weight and other family-related genetic factors, then she can conceive in her late 40s too. All she has to do is get in touch with a doctor and with their guidance she has to maintain everything healthy in her lifestyle to be able to conceive easily. Also according to the source American Society for Reproductive Medicine, doctors said that women or couples at a very young age and say in their early 20s or less than that have only 20 to 37% chances of conceiving within their first three months of trial. And the same couple has an 80 to 85% chance of conceiving within 1 year period.

How to Get Pregnant Naturally? 

The process of getting pregnant naturally is not as easy as it seems. It might be a complicated and complex task for most women. It is so because it has more to do with what's going on inside your body rather than what is happening in the outside world. By this statement, I meant to say that both partners should have a healthy weight. Moreover, their reproductive hormones should be in balance so that women can produce healthy eggs inside their bodies and sperm can be produced inside the men. Making sex a timely & regular thing is going to play a major role here in getting pregnant naturally & it should be done especially during the fertility window period. Here this statement means that having sexual intercourse when the woman is most fertile during her fertility cycle is going to be extremely beneficial in getting pregnant. 

To better understand this concept better you should have a precise knowledge of a fertility window for women. The fertility window usually starts for a woman 5 days before an ovulation cycle starts and ends as soon as the ovulation cycle ends. Ovulation is a period when the luteinizing hormone, LH, helps in releasing the egg inside the woman's body. The couples can check the presence of LH levels in the woman's body with the help of 'Over counter' ovulation predictor kits. It will help them know whether or not the fertility window of a woman is open or not. In other ways, couples can check the basal body temperature of women to track and understand whether or not the fertility window has started to open. It's highly recommended by specialist doctors to have sexual intercourse within 1 to 3 days of each ovulation period. It will certainly help in increasing the chances of getting pregnant as it is being done during the most fertile window.

Key Takeaways 

In this article, we learn today that the chances of getting pregnant naturally vary according to the age of a woman. Her chances of conceiving in her 20s might not be the same as in her 30s and 40s and 50s and so on. Knowing all the factors that are concerned with a pregnancy, a woman needs to have an upper edge of knowledge of what can be done to increase the chance of getting pregnant naturally. The specialized doctors usually recommend eating good and healthy food, exercising daily, sleeping promptly and staying away from stress, and having sexual intercourse during the ovulation period to intensify the chances of pregnancy for a woman. In the case of any complication or hardships, getting in touch with a gynecologist is what is recommended.

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