How should women apply beauty products?

 How should women apply beauty products? 

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Beauty products or cosmetics are items designed to enhance one's beauty. They are either chemical based or organic. They have various purposes like skincare– used to cleanse and protect the skin and body, makeup– used to enhance or alter one's appearance. Some are designed to add fragrance to the body. Some are designed for personal care such as shampoo and body wash. But there are certain things to keep in mind while applying beauty products. There are some right and wrong ways to apply beauty products. 

Why are beauty products applied ?

Beauty products are designed to enhance,alter, one's beauty or for personal care or skincare. 

Skincare products are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, or protect the skin. These include cleansers, scrubs, face washes and masks, etc. 

Personal care products are used for some kind of regular use such as shampoo and body wash.

Makeup products are used to enhance or alter one's appearance. These are applied to change skin colour, face shape, natural features such as eyebrows and eyelashes, etc. 

Some cosmetics are designed to add fragrance to the body. These include perfumes, deodorants or body sprays.

What are some popular beauty brands?

Some of the popular beauty brands are: 

  • Huda beauty

  • MAC cosmetics

  • Bobby brown

  • L'Oreal

  • Maybelline

  • Chanel

  • Olay

  • Avon

  • Estee Lauder

  • Revlon

  • Clinique

  • The body shop

  • Urban decay

  • NYX 

  • Shiseido

  • Glossier

  • Covergirl

  • Kylie cosmetics

  • Benefit cosmetics

  • Dior

  • NARS cosmetics

  • Fenty beauty

What is the right order to apply beauty products? 

Whether you apply only a few products or you have a list of beauty products you must know the right order to apply them. 

  1. You should always apply a serum before a moisturizer because the serum has a lighter consistency and applying it after the moisturizer is totally a waste because it won't penetrate through the moisturizer. 

  2. Eye makeup remover should be applied before eye cleanser as eye makeup remover removes stubborn eye makeup, dirt and oil particles while cleanser cleans your eye ensuring that no dirt or oil is left. 

  3. Night creams could be irritating around sensitive eye areas. So eye cream must be applied by tapping in the eye area to ensure that the night cream doesn't cause any irritation. 

  4. Sunscreen should be applied after a moisturizer because it acts as a protective layer against sun's rays. 

  5. Concealers should be used as a finisher which remains visible even after applying foundation. 

  6. Apply lipstick first and then use lip liner just outside lips to add definition and fake fuller lips. 

  7. You can apply eye shadow first then the eye liner or the eye liner prior to eye shadow it's your call. Both ways are correct.

Why are beauty products important? 

Beauty products are important in today's world as appearance is very important nowadays. Appearance does affect a person's impression and personality. There are some positive impacts of beauty products. 

  1. Beauty products enhance self confidence. It is considered as an important aspect of self care.

  2. The right products keep your skin hydrated and nutrient rich which is helpful for overall body health.

  3. Skincare products protect your skin as it keeps the moisture level balanced, stimulates skin metabolism and protects it against the harmful UV rays. 

  4. Beauty products can make you look professional, confident and job ready as well.

  5. A good skincare routine by using the right beauty products can help prevent acne, reduce wrinkles, and make the skin healthy. Also it can give you a youthful look. 

Who can apply beauty products?

Anyone can apply beauty products who don't have any allergy to it or are not harmed by it. It is important to choose the right product according to your skin. You should know what suits you and your skin. People with sensitive skin are advised to talk to a skincare expert or beautician before using any beauty product. You should know about the ingredients of the product you are using so that you don't have any ill effects of it. 

How to ensure that you are picking the right beauty products for yourself? 

To ensure that you are using the right beauty products for yourself you must know: 

  • The ingredients referred to in beauty products actually show its quality. Skincare products have different ingredients. Some cheaper brands may claim to use the same ingredients as higher-end but many low-cost options dilute the ingredients or only use a small amount of the same element. Despite having some similar ingredients, the quality of products are different as in the end the quality and percentage of their ingredients determine the beauty product's quality.

  • Consumers can avoid being misled by marketing terms such as fragrance free, paraben free, etc used frequently when they use quality beauty products of genuine quality. Companies and products that make quality beauty products make their ingredients explicit and clear to make an informed purchasing decision for consumers.

  • Authentic quality skin care products provide your skin with the results you want without using too many products and you don’t need to use different products every day. 


Beauty products are designed to enhance a person's beauty. It is available as skincare products, makeup, personal care, etc. They can be chemical based or organic. They are essential and an important part of our daily life. They not just enhance our beauty but boost our confidence. It is important to know the right order and the details of the beauty product you are using before applying it. 


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