To be very  honest  and practical there is no such thing as a perfect commitment between human beings, everything is always imperfect between lovers,  how you feel about them and how they make you feel, what efforts, whose efforts goes into your love affair are the things that matter.

To have a successful correlation, all you need to do is have each other, do things for yourself and your partner and have  lifelong commitment not to give up the alliance, not to give up upon your lover under any circumstances, working together to solve all the problems.

Every bonding is different because every person is different and their style of loving is different, so all are unique, you cannot set parameters and make it artificial, after all love is natural and free, right?

But there are some things and mutual feelings that cannot be taken granted and simply cannot be ignored, they should be present in your interconnection. Make sure you have these in your interconnection so that you can have a long-term, successful bonding.

This article  only describes you about all the significant  things that must be present in your love connection:

UNDERSTANDING: You must give top priority and preference to understand each other. You can go on  many miles if you understand your lover completely but make sure it's not one-sided.

Better understanding of partners in a relationship is very crucial, it helps to create balance, solve many problems, handle all the circumstances, create an unconditional bond and helps to match the vibe with your loved ones.

MUTUAL COMMUNICATION: Having a good way of contact and connecting is the strongest power point you could have in your bonding, communication and contact  solve all sorts of misunderstanding and regular, general  talk with your bae will make your interconnection most strongest, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be in contact whole day and whole night at all times.

It means having conversation often is something vital cannot be ignored, unless you both are super busy there comes the tool of understanding.

Even if you and your lover are busy and cannot spend more time on your intercommunication, contacting in free time with some dedication can be done once in a while.

RESPECT: Most important component of every relationship which should not be compromised and which should not diminish from a relationship at any cost irrespective of the time factor is respect for each other.

Not respecting your partner and their wants  is surely  considered to be a red flag in every relationship.

You must respect your lover not only in a verbal manner but through your actions.

Respect not only means just speaking in a respectful manner, it means giving the same respect to your lover's family and  career, passion. Consideration is very significant in all kinds of relationships.

LOYALTY: LOYALTY is as vital in bonding as the breath is to a human being.

Being loyal matters, no matter what happens, is definitely a big green flag in your bond.

 Being Loyal to your better half should be your duty, you just cannot cheat in an alliance for some reasons, being dedicated to each other is the major part of your bonding.

Being loyal does not only mean not cheating on, it means staying dedicated to your love, entirely when you are in an  alliance with the love of your life.

PRIVACY:  In your correlation there must be a high level of privacy and intimacy, you and your partner must be able to trust you without any second thoughts. You must keep each other's secrets, never share your personal secrets about your partner with anybody else, inappropriately.

Privacy of words, actions, intentions, work everything counts.

You must keep them and their affairs as your top secret. Never blackmail them with their secrets, it is not definitely right even when you are doing so, playfully.

All your memories, intimate moments and their memories,  your talks, your traditions are definitely not for showing off to the world, to maintain a healthy and problem-free  privacy with the world and its people.

Make sure you have a separate private life apart from your love life.

ACCEPTANCY: Your ultimate goal in your relationship must be acceptance, no direct or indirect judgment in your bond. Don’t keep judging, taunting, mocking your lover without a strong reason.

You must give your loved one what you expect and what you wanna give to them, after all you too need acceptance from your loved ones right?

So why not treat them the same way. Treating other people without judging them in a wrong way and accepting them for their original characteristics, abilities, intentions and actions, words is considered to be the best way to love and nurture your association with them.

ABILITY TO FIND SOLUTIONS TOGETHER: You and better half must be a and make a good team together, you must be able to work together because you both are going to spend a long time together so, you need to work together to solve your problems with them.

You and your love must find a way to solve your arguments, silly fights, big conflicts because working together means finding a solution to solve your problem in one direction, not in two directions.

You must fight for cause, not for simple ,petty reasons with each other.


You and your partner are equally responsible for your relationship,  you both, your actions, your efforts, your lifestyle , your words are equally important as your partner's.

Responsibility means not taking control of your soulmate 's life. 

It means feeling responsible towards them, their property, their actions, their efforts and their friends and family.

If you are entitled to be in a relationship, you are knotted by invisible responsibilities relating to it, so make sure you know them and carry them out with utmost care, love and affection.

If you have all  these things,  mutual feeling there are higher chances your correlation with your lover may last longer-forever typical  bond  and love soulmate.

Do make sure you have a discussion about these things with your love to ensure that you are on the right track with your lover. After all, the importance of these above mentioned is not simple, petty things to ignore them off.


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