What are the salient features of the domestic violence act in India ?

What are the salient features of the domestic violence act in India ?



 Women will always suffer and will be a part of the undeniable threat of violence until there is a serious law made to protect their dignity. Being vulnerable to violence, abuse, and other physical threats, it gets problematic for females to live a life of peace, free and without any fear. One of such laws that reserves and talks about the right of women's safety from all domestic odds are covered under the domestic violence act, of 2005 in India. The Parliament of India is responsible for approving the "Domestic Violence Act, 2005" bill. The act was approved at the time of a UPA1 government regime in the year 2005. The act focuses on making each area of her domestic life safe and stress-free for women. Anybody from her in-laws or anybody a part of her relations trying to destroy her identity or forcing her to do a certain thing is liable to be considered a part of a serious offense. He or she shall get serious punishments for the same.

In this article today, you are going to learn about what is domestic violence act in India & what are its salient features. 

What is domestic violence? 

Domestic violence is an offensive act committed by the person upon the women of the same household. Under this act, the culprit tries to injure, harm, or destroy the image of women. Overall, it affects the well-being, life, safety, health, and limb of a woman. Domestic violence at home can take place in the form of sexual abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and economic abuse. Anybody trying to threaten the woman by abusing her in any of the above-mentioned forms is said to be conducting domestic violence. The government has come up with many acts and laws to make residential areas a healthy place for women. 

Under domestic violence, we can say that the culprit has caused a human rights violation. The upcoming domestic violence acts by our Indian parliament ensure a violence-free home for all females. Every right concerned with the domestic welfare or violence of women is covered under such sort of act. They can start and end their day by maintaining their mental peace and without any fear. Women can stay safe from any sort of humiliation, or degradation, and without compromising their dignity. Eventually, women who stay at home, not able to give birth to a child due to their health issues shall not be disrespected, called out verbally by their name, or insulted under the measures provided in the act. 

Women can go and complain against the abuser if her husband or another person at home stops them from providing the basic amenities like a 3 times meal, eateries, money for running home, buying medications, paying children's fees, etc. She is liable to receive all the financial resources after marriage to run a comfortable life ahead. The act helps all females to have the right to the residence. Also, all of her rights related to the decision of employment or doing a job are covered under this act. No one in the home can stop her from accessing any area of the home or from going out to live her life. Moreover, in case of any mishap, she has multiple rights available for her to attain the protection orders as a part of the women's protection laws. 

What are the salient features of the domestic violence act in India?

Here are the salient features of the domestic violence act in India - 

  • The domestic violence act is made in India that brings forward the concept of appointing NGOs and safety officers for the overall protection of females in India. 

  • The law made under the domestic violence act is also meant for all widows, mothers as well as sisters. 

  • The domestic violence act of India comprises the solution to all manner of mental level & physical level ill-treatment, as well as the other trouble, caused to females of any sort. 

  • The domestic violence act overall has been made to provide safety to females, wives, and couples who reside as live-in partners.

  • The law also comprises every type of harassment faced by females that may be occurring as dowry demanded from their in-laws or any other sort of financial demand or putting mental pressure. 

  • One of the best features of this act is that the court has the authority of issuing protection orders. Such orders would further stave off the culprit from harassing or torturing the woman physically or verbally where she is residing. 

  • If anybody irrespective of gender attempts or performs an actual breach of the women's protection order from the court, then he or she will have to face the ill repercussions of it. It's going to be considered a non-bearable offense in the eyes of the law.

  • This act also provides all the rights to the women for having secure housing.

Key Takeaways

The domestic violence act was passed in 2005 by the Indian Parliament. It brought several protocols in place stating how women should be treated in their household. The act was meant to stop the discrimination and violence that is generally faced by women in their homes. India saw a significant amount of changes happening around it after the successful implementation of this act. A huge number of women got this awareness and were able to undertake the right steps in case of any discrimination or ill-treatment done to them. 

The overall motive of the act was to promote a safe and secure Indian country for women. It did happen when other people stopped harassing women, scaring the repercussions that they would have to face afterward in the name of Indian law. Although, in contrast to this, we still see the lack of awareness and domestic violence in rural areas due to illiteracy. Women feel scared in taking steps ahead and raising their voices. These areas need special attention so that we can march toward a better and safe India. 



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