How women should dress according to their body structure?

How women should dress according to their body structure?

 Wouldn’t it be great if a woman can wear whatever they love? Women often get excited about those racks of clothes, beautiful colours and stunning patterns; when tried they may not fit well or don't look as imagined.

Choosing a right outfit to flaunt those curves is strenuous; but the hard pill is not every outfit suits you. 

Before choosing clothes it is important for women to  understand one’s body structure. Most common body structures are 

  1. Rectangle - If the waist size is approximately the same as bust and hip then you have rectangle or square body structure. Look for somethings that hugs the waist like a belt or colors and patterns that can break the structure. Define those shoulders with padded shoulders, puff sleeves, one shoulder neckline dress, wide leg jeans. 

  1. Apple body type - If your shoulder and hip are of same width then it is Petite Apple structure. In this body type waist isn’t well defined. Go for dresses that defines yours legs and draws attention away from the waist. Avoid the fabrics that cling to the body also not too baggy. Avoid belts and very tight clothes. Prefer A-line or empire waistline dress(flares below bust) to minimise roundness and accelerate bust. 

  1. Pear body type - In a pear body type, the hip size is wider than the upper body. Wear something draws more attention to neckline if you want to avoid attention to your hips or lower body. Avoid color palette that separates upper and lower body instead go for monochromes. Also look for full skirts that balances out the proportions. 

  1. Athletic / Wedge body type - The shoulder and hip are the same, the waist isn’t well defined but straight up and down. This body type isn’t particularly curvy. Showoff your upper body with strapless, halter neck tops, off shoulder tops / dresses, racer back tops. As of bottoms, mini skirts, high slits, fitted pants can elongate those legs. 

  1. Hourglass body type - Small waist, fuller bust and curvy hips. Shoulders and hips are evenly proportioned with thin midsection. Avoid baggy clothes and ruffles around shoulders and bust. Showoff those curves with high waist pants, pencil skirts and body clinging clothes. Define the upper body with V neck lines and belt. The goal is to emphasise the waist. 

  1. Inverted triangle body type - If your shoulders are broader than the hips and undefined waist. Though you have slender legs the upper body is voluminous. Avoid baggy and shapeless clothes, padded shoulders, noodle straps, horizontal stripes. Go for ruffles around the neck, V neck line, A line dresses, high waist pants, bell bottoms. The goal is to draw attention away from the waist. 

  1. Diamond shaped body - Hips are wider than bust. Bust is in alignment with shoulders, women with diamond shaped bodies tend to have fuller midsections and gain weight around the waist. Lower legs are well shaped. Looks for clothes that has curves, show off your lower legs with skirts or dresses. Wear belted tops, tops that flow around bottom, strapless dresses or tops, off shoulders dresses to create balance with bust. Avoid loud and big prints, pencil jeans, vertical patterns and prints. 

Body type can be changed depending on age, lifestyle, eating habits and pregnancy; but the bone structure remains the same. Pregnancy can lead to bigger bust and wider hips, in some cases waist too. An unhealthy diet leads to excess fat in the abdomen. 

Observe and understand your body type to flaunt those curves and to enhance beauty. Comfort should always be the top priority before choosing an outfit, if you are not feeling confident and comfortable then don’t even consider taking it to the billing counter.

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