Can love be faked?

 Can love be faked? 

Yes it is quite possible for people to show fake or false love just for their benefit. This is possible if there is no genuine interest right from the onset and the person involved chooses to continue as such. If both parties are willing, they can solve the situation and go on to show genuine concern and promote the love they deserve. Fake love is not love, actually they act like they are in love and continue acting till they get what they want. There are also possibilities that people might think that they are in love but actually they themselves don't know that it's not love but a mere affection. You don't love a person if you care about them. Caring is a basic human trait and we care about people even if we are not close to them. 

There is a thin line difference between fake love and genuine love. Fake love is all about show offs, making yourself happy, jealousy from the partner, not wanting him/her to grow without you. Most men can't see their better halves in a higher position than them. While genuine love is all about growing together, seeking each other's happiness, and being jealous out of possessiveness and protection, freedom. 

Sometimes you may come across a person who can show you all signs of genuine love but actually he's so perfect in faking it. You can get everything you want in a relationship but later you will get to know that he created an illusion and you were just imagining things. 

Guys do this very well, to get what they want from a girl they don’t love, they can fake loving her, give money, romantic words, act gentle and be the best for her, but deep down their where heart belongs somewhere else, they just pretend to be in love with the girl just for the sex, those that do this are playboys.

For girls, ladies stay in a relationship or have more than one relationship, treating all equally but, out of those many relationships she’s in, she only loves one out of them; thus, she’s faking the remaining in the other relationship just to get what she needs.

If we are agreeing on the fact that love can be faked, then it cannot be tagged as love anymore. Love can never be fake but the people who show love can be fake. 

Are there any signs of fake love?

Fake love is not something anyone would want to live with but unfortunately it is exactly what some people have in their relationships. 

To really know that the love in your relationship is fake, there are some things you must notice:

  • If they are emotionally distant and not available for you, they make excuses and don't communicate well with you, there must be fake love.

  • Whenever there is any conflict between you and your partner, you are the only one trying to resolve it.

  • There is a lack of effort from the other side.

  • The other person is not concerned about you and your whereabouts, they are not involved and simply detached from you.

  • When someone doesn't love you, you can see it through your gut feeling but you just ignore it. But the sixth sense is actually correct at times.


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