What are things you should keep in mind while creating awareness about sex and its education for women:

 What are things you should keep in mind while creating awareness about sex and its education for women:

You must know when is the right time to educate about sex education to your close ones, who might lack it for some reasons. You must be very cautious that you give proper guidance to your children, siblings, and cousins, especially those who are teenagers. You must provide them with clear reasoning and instructions and ideas to them so, that they have good idealogy regarding sex ed. It should be taught in a friendly, frank manner, not in a disgusting, strict, hated tone.

First of all sex education must not be treated as a sinful topic, is t a phase of all living organisms, it's very important for every human being, but it is not a solely an important topic that you must always be aware of, you don’t need to always be conscious and very alert about it, it a significant part of life, not your whole life, okay.

Sex education doesn't mean learning how to do sexual intercourse, it is a diverse topic that has so many sub-topics, and concepts that are essential to know about them.

Women should know about sex education because it's very important to know about your body and to gain related knowledge about your body and the changes that will take place in the body.

One must not shy away, from learning about sexual education because that won't work in your practical life.

This article describes the things to be remembered while creating sexual awareness and educating about sex education to somebody. Sex education is gonna be very useful if it is told adequately. So it’s an extremely vital yet under-spoken topic.

Sex ed must be taught to all the children about the basics such as good touch and bad touch. This helps them to know what is right and what is not right so that they don’t become a victim of any sort of sexual abuse or violence.

Primarily, Teenagers-the adolescents must be told about the changes in their bodies after hitting puberty,  education about menstruation,  contraceptive techniques, and hormonal changes.

HOW DOES IT WORKS: Teaching about sex to women at a young age with appropriate knowledge eligible for their age limit has been proven to eliminate any sorts of risks.

This helps girls to accept their bodies and get the much-needed knowledge about the hidden subject.

Sex education must be learned from a familiar person whom you trust more, or from the experts or any friendly elders whom you can trust and there is no room for judgment. Because the internet does have accessible ways of adult content for sex education, which doesn't do any good but does a lot of bad to mental health.

HOW TO EXPLAIN: You must explain all the essential changes that are gonna take place in their bodies.

Topics about menstruation, vaginal health, hormonal imbalances, changes, puberty and its effects on the body, how to cope, how to take care of their body, and mental health.

STD-Sexual Transmitted Diseases, what is birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and irritations in genital areas are also ignored topics that must be mentioned in the conversation.

There must be proper usage of words while describing and discussing.

It's suggested to gain more knowledge about it from experts and speak about it, rather than just saying incomplete information.


How do periods occur, why does the period occur once a month, how does it makes you a complete woman, wet dreams, sexual desires changes in body parts, how to tackle the depression, anxiety, and anger that usually occurs in adolescence period.

How to maintain menstrual hygiene, how to use contraceptives, how sexually transmitted infections occur, how diseases can be prevented,  side-effects of teenage sexual intercourse and its effects on mental health and side-effects, how pornography can affect mental health, can cause addiction, sexual violence, and abuse must be explained carefully so that they can know when something isn't right.

The prevention of Sexually transmitted infections and diseases should be taught, and vaginal infections, diseases, and their precautions and symptoms must be described and informed.

IMPORTANCE: The importance could be explained in many ways.

However, sex is gonna be a common part and a phase of life for everybody. So everyone needs to know and gain knowledge about this. 

Nowadays there is so much misleading information available on the internet that can lead the wrong information to settle down.

So the vitality of sex ed cannot be mentioned enough and it's not a topic to ignore, because the more you avoid it the more you are staying in ignorance.

Sex education when properly taught to females will help them to throw light and form their own opinions.

This helps to validate their feelings and desires and helps to form a perspective.

Good sex ed can help girls to know what is good for them and what is not. It provides them more confidence, awareness, knowledge, comfortness, safety, satisfaction, tolerance, power, and mental stability.

This will also allow them to accept their body the way it is, love it as it is, and not have any issues while accepting their own body.

Because when sex ed is learned from non-appropriate resources it creates a wrong impression on the young minds of females.

Basic sex education is a must for everyone, it's their right to know about it, it is so much important that people celebrate sexual and reproductive health day on the date of  February 12th, to initiate awareness among everyone.


The awareness about sex education must be taught by all mothers to their daughters and by all fathers to their sons, because of the same gender and closeness the discussion becomes more relatable and comfortable without creating any awkwardness.

Sex education should be treated as a taboo, hypersensitive, and unfamiliar topic to be spoken of. It's a very natural process, the same as other body functions.

Most women need more sexual awareness but both should have equal importance to sex ed, but in the case of women, because they are more changes that their body is going to face with every passing year, and having periods every month and they would need more knowledge and proper mindset before planning their pregnancy.

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