Depending on your sign, here is the K-pop group you should be rooting for this season.

 Depending on your sign, here is the K-pop group you should be rooting for this season.


There is a selection of Korean idols out there for everyone, offering a feast of genre-defying songs, choreographies, clothes, and album themes. And if you are unable to choose one whose chant you would be willing to memorize, the solution may be revealed by the stars. Here's a look at the K-pop group that your zodiac sign might support, from the hugely popular BTS to newcomers like Vespa.

There's no disputing that K-pop has an addicting appeal, whether it was the catchy hooks or the well-produced music videos that got you on board. In addition, the industry's dedication to creating an engaging fan-celebrity relationship, demonstrated in everything from well-designed merchandise and well-thought-out live streams to vibrant fan communities and regular meet-ups, sets it apart from other entertainment sectors.

That said, finding one that truly reflects your musical style might take hours of streaming and fan-cam watching, especially with the wave of recently-debuted groups joining the likes of stalwarts like BTS, BlackPink, and Got7. Fortunately, your star sign, which highlights your most striking characteristics, can guide you. Since each idol group has its own concept and album themes, they go well with particular personality types. We have selected a group of artists who are deserving of the top spot on the playlists and fan pages of specific zodiac signs, regardless of whether you prefer gritty rock themes or are seeking something to keep you motivated through the hustle of life.

The ideal K-pop group to support based on your zodiac sign


The characteristics of the fire sign are boldness, impulsivity, and adventure. They would have to stand out and be just as aggressive as their ideal squad. The girl group from JYP with the most energy is Itzy. The group's music is new, aggressive, and out there with a "girl-crush" theme that highlights independent, assertive women. Additionally, the trio has said in numerous interviews that each of their songs is driven by confidence. The band is the ideal representation of Aries due to this and the fact that their songs are ideal for dance parties, which a fire sign would attend or host.

Taurus: BTS

This earth sign is renowned for its diligence and comfort-seeking tendencies. Their ideal band would have to be a traditional, dependable one that makes them feel at home through their music. The biggest K-pop group in the world, BTS, is adept at doing that (and more!) The band frequently promotes the image of their followers as a family through live streams, merchandise, and sentimental songs. They also cover a diverse spectrum of genres, which the observant and perceptive Taurus would find fascinating. In addition, the earth symbol would recognize the group's startling upward trajectory, made possible by their tenacity and perseverance.

Gemini: Vespa

Geminis are quirky, gregarious, and always looking for something new to get their teeth into. To keep them interested, their ideal organization would need to be distinctive enough. Vespa symbolizes the dualism of this air sign with its idea of two worlds. People, according to the group, exist in both actual and virtual realms. The latter makes use of digital avatars made through internet communication. This witty, trend-loving air sign would be interested in learning more about this as well as its uplifting, upbeat songs.

Cancer: Twice

Cancers are the nurturers and comfort-seekers of the zodiac, being sensitive and domestic. Therefore, their ideal K-pop group would need to exhibit their tender sensibilities. One of the most beloved idol groups in the business, Twice, exemplifies them well. The concept of the band is gentle and upbeat, and the majority of its songs are upbeat love songs. This might be attractive to this passionate water sign. Not to mention, Twice is renowned for having some of the industry's most comforting songs, making them ideal for a pick-me-up should Cancer require one. The playful water sign would also appreciate catchy choreography and lyrics, which are perfect for establishing bonds with friends at house parties.

Leo: Big Bang

Leos, the rulers of the zodiac, are courageous and ruthless. Additionally, they don't mind being in the spotlight. As their dream K-pop group, nothing but the most adored collection of idols would do. They are perfectly represented by the famous Big Bang. This group explores grim, dark topics, like the majority of artists operating under the YG label. Their "bad-boy," hedonistic music will entice the waning fire sign. However, savvy Leos would also value how the trio delves into deeper ideas in their songs. Meanwhile, genre-bending will keep the easily bored Leos interested. Not to mention, Big Bang's incredible stage presence is a great representation of Leo's self-assured nature.

Virgo: Stray Kids

This earth sign is renowned for being diligent, realistic, and open-minded. Their perfectionist tendencies would have to be reflected in their ideal group. They are sure to add Stray Kids to their list of favorites. The group is very involved in the production of their songs, from the melodies and lyrics to the music videos, unlike many others in the industry. One of the hardest-working people in the business is its leader, Bang Chan. In addition to exercising artistic control, something a Virgo would respect, the group is regarded as one of the most reliable in the K-pop community, having constantly released music since 2018. And dependability is something that an earth sign greatly values.

Libra: BlackPink

A romantic and sociable sign, Libras are considered the charmers of the zodiac. They would need a group that allowed them to be the life of the party and represented balance. Like the majority of people born under this sign, the popular band BlackPink compliments them. Relationship-based themes, which are frequently at the heart of this air sign, are frequently explored by the group. They strike a balance between cheerful, upbeat motifs referred to as "Pink" and grim, dark elements that symbolize "Black." The Libra will be interested in these two sides as well as continuous heart-pumping dancing songs. Not to mention that each comeback can take a while, necessitating a patient but devoted fanbase. We are unsure of another way to spell Libra if that doesn't.

Scorpio: Dreamcatcher

Scorpios, who are brash and aggressive, are drawn to grim, gloomy topics, especially the unexplained and paranormal. Their ideal group would need to be able to handle their emotional fervor and capitalize on their reflective nature. They would enjoy Dreamcatcher, a K-pop rock band that is sadly underappreciated. This seven-piece lady group plays dark music, including the songs "Nightmare," "Scream," and "Poison Love." Their music videos and lyrics frequently explore the horror genre and have undertones of seduction and intrigue, making them the ideal choice for the edgy Scorpio. Not to mention that this isn't a well-known organization and that this water symbol is known for supporting the underdog.

Sagittarius: GOT7 

Sagittarius is an adventurous, humorous, and fun-loving sign that is attracted to those who and things continuously change and adapt. They are excellently represented by GOT7, the industry's live-wire, trendsetter group. The recently disbanded group has consistently advocated for freedom, whether in interviews, one-on-one fan contacts, or song lyrics. Sagittarius is the sign that chases uniqueness and freedom the most. Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean traditions are all incorporated into GOT7 while maintaining their integrity, something the culturally-driven Sagittarius would appreciate. Not to mention that their tracks are great for a party and promote travel. We are at a loss as to what might be more appropriate for this fire sign than that.

Capricorn: seventeen

Capricorns, the tough cookies of the zodiac, are renowned for their hard work and hard play. These senses would have to be present in their ideal group. Seventeen, an underappreciated band that has risen to the top, would win their admiration right away. Similar to Stray Kids, the group is recognized for promoting creative control over everything from choreography to track beats. They take a flexible approach to art and have an eclectic, introspective tracklist. These all exemplify Capricorn's outlook on life and the workplace. Not to mention that they've been steady since 2015, which is another quality that's frequently associated with this sign's sense of resolve and stability.

Aquarius: Mamamoo

The quirky sign of Aquarius is renowned for having strong opinions and being kind. They are also creative thinkers. Their ideal crowd would support significant issues while keeping an eye on current trends. One of the most well-known K-pop bands in history, Mamamoo, is equally well-liked as this air sign. Not only that, but their music is lively, enjoyable, and new. Meanwhile, their lyrics encourage the younger generation to be self-assured and aware of what's going on in the world. This would be interesting to this wise sign. Not to mention that Mamamoo members have always supported individualism and avoided critics by using their craft. This tendency for rebellion resembles that of an Aquarius.

Pisces: TXT

The romantic, daydreaming Pisces takes pleasure in all things frivolous. Their ideal K-pop band has to appeal to their emotional and creative sides while also making them feel secure. TXT is a young male band that frequently examines friendship and emotional concerns. Their songs have a dreamlike air to them, and their words are consoling and thoughtful. This will keep this water sign interested along with inspiring voices, songs, and music videos.

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