What happens to your body a week before your period ?


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Our body goes through several changes and variations a week before the period starts. These changes are pretty much noticeable. It's because your body gradually starts to adapt to changes and takes at least a week to adapt to them. Meanwhile, you start to experience these changes physically and mentally as a result of it. From your brain cell chemicals to hormones, a lot of changes are involved in this process. It is the most painful and heavy period. But the best thing is that there is nothing wrong with these changes as they are not harmful and are very much common to experience. But, in severe cases like unbearable belly and lower back pain or non-stop vomiting, consultation with the specialist is important. 
In this article, you are going to learn about the things that your body experiences almost a week before when it is expected to have periods. 
What happens to your body a week before your period? 
Your body goes through several changes when the period is going to come. 
Sore and heavy breasts: You might find your breasts to be highly sore, heavy, and swollen a week before you get your periods. The pain you face in your breast during your periods in association with the menstruation cycle is called cyclical breast pain. Here, a lot more changes take place in your body hormones like prolactin, progesterone, estrogen, etc. 
Fatigue: You might encounter situations where you are extremely tired and wish to sleep but are unable to do so. It usually happens when the shifting patterns of the hormones take place. These changes disturb your sleeping patterns making you feel extremely lost energy and tired. Moreover, certain changes also take place in progesterone & estrogen that in turn increase the temperature of your body during sleeping. 
Gassy and Bloated: Most of the women have reportedly told about premenstrual bloating and the production of high-level gas in the body.  Retaining a sufficient amount of water in the body is something that women found difficult during their period. And, a week before, they started to face bloating issues. It might also take place due to hormonal changes. It is always advised to increase their consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. And, also cut down on your intake of salt for better results. 
Breakouts: Getting cyclical acne is common as it's nothing but a period-related breakout. Acne is one of the most reported problems faced by women as soon as their periods are about to arrive. Breakouts, pimples, and clogged pores usually occur due to the higher sebum production caused by altering hormonal cycles. The most targeted area for these breakouts is your jawline and chin area. Drink enough there, at least 8 to 10 glasses every day to control the excessive production of sebum on your face and other body parts. 
Headache more than usual: Now this is a tricky symptom that our body experiences. Although, getting a headache is common and it might be because of numerous reasons. But, are you feeling this headache 24*7 or at least half the day when no headache relief medications are working out for you in providing the relief? Well, if this is the case, then surely it might signify the upcoming period. It happens due to the changes taking place in the estrogen levels of your body. 
Body Cramps: Your body would start to ache badly from your belly to your lower back region. You might have primary dysmenorrhea where huge cramps are faced by a woman a week before and during her periods. It lasts for a few days and causes severe pain in some cases.
Constipation and Diarrhea: It might be a new thing to learn but yes most women experience either diarrhea or constipation when their periods are about to arrive. This happens because the entire digestive system gets affected by the upcoming periods. But, if these symptoms last for a longer time, then consult the gynecologist for staying assured of better outcomes. 
Lower back pain: The body experiences unbearable pain when your periods are about to arrive. You might experience the feeling of somebody kicking hard on your lower back and all your muscles are breaking all at once. The pain caused is severe and harsh. If the pain reaches extreme heights, then it's advised to take painkiller medicines. It will provide you relief within 1 hour and lasts for a day. 
Frequent Mood Swings: Well girls are often targeted for frequent mood swings. Lol, the least people know about it. Every month, before getting periods at least a week before you start to notice huge mood swings. You might feel happy one moment and angry the very next. You will also have food cravings from having coffee one 1 minute to having juice the very next. So, it's common to happen. You also get into fights with other people due to your impulsive nature. You cry also on those days. 
Anxiety & Depression: Are you feeling anxious and depressed for no particular reason as such? Well, it indicates the upcoming periods. You might feel sad, left out, and broken during this phase. You will end up crying a lot too and might feel that no one understands you and everybody is your enemy. Well, girls, it's a common experience. It's just our body's way of reacting to the changes. 

Key Takeaways 

This article discussed all the possible things your body would experience at least one week before you get periods. Hope it made you aware and let you be at ease. Learn and understand them so that you get prepared enough to face them. Strictly advised to immediately consult the doctor if the pain gets unbreakable or the cramps hit too hard. Also, the possible changes can reverse back to signifying some other existing ailment too. So, it's better to get tested and after diagnosing you will get to know the real deal of the problem. 


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