is it true that crystal wearing improves positive vibration in terms of fertility?

 is it true that crystal wearing improves positive vibration in terms of fertility?

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When we think of crystal wearing which may create positive vibration for fertility, pregnancy, and conception, there are many more available in the market. One should be aware before getting into such a process. Many women are fretting, feeling grief and losing their confidence, and falling into worries related to infertility because of long-time patience. But this crystal-wearing process may give some hope to them in distracting their mind towards joy and happiness since a positive mind and vibration is the way to cultivate the conception. Crystals and gemstones give positive vibrations in the deeper stage. Each performs from its own nature, their energy and vibrations may differ. One has to choose according to their own perspective.

How do crystals help fertility?

Crystals radiate their own frequency that can produce happiness, relieve stress, and eventually boost fertility. Gemstones used for conception, vibrate at a specific frequency and unleash their own healing vibrations. These vibrations can absorb our body’s negative energies. Throughout the healing process, crystals also keep positive energies that our bodies absorb. This process gives positive result who tries to get conceive naturally by giving them positive vibration and minimizing stress levels.

Here are the ten best crystals for fertility and pregnancy: 

  • Rainbow Moonstone for soothing emotional instability.

  • Rose Quartz for its loving energy.

  • Green Aventurine for inner harmony.

  • Carnelian for enhancing passion and desire.

  • Smoky Quartz for releasing anxiety.

  • Unakite for bonding with your child.

  • Aquamarine for soothing the mind.

  • Rhodonite for activating the heart chakra.

  • Gren Jade for stimulating the blood flow to the pelvic area.

  • Lepidolite for your psychological well-being.

Rainbow moonstone: is said to have the power to grant wishes, this gravestone evokes a comforting energy that balances feelings of stress and anxiety. frequently used for gravidity, to regulate menstrual cycles, boost woman's energy, and helps with safe parturition. Because of Moonstone's strong capability to balance hormones, it helps with PCOS and hormonal imbalances that beget gravidity. Stress is one of the underpinning causes of gravidity, and Moonstone can help ease stress and anxiety.  All the reasons stated above are why I put it in my Fertility and gestation Collection. I also use Moonstone on my New Mom Collection because it helps with postpartum depression, which is due to hormonal imbalances, and it helps promote tone compassion.  

Rose Quartz: supports the woman's reproductive system and increases fertility. It's a great gravestone for clinging and is a great gravestone to place on the stomach during gestation. It also helps you to bond with your new baby, and with postpartum depression. It also helps to heal maters after birth. Rose quartz also helps with mothering yourself and being in the energy of tone love.  Green Aventurine is known for bringing good luck, this gravestone is helpful to couples facing gravidity. It helps reduce stress brought on by gravidity issues and promotes a comforting and stabilizing effect by balancing feelings. It helps to keep you in a positive inner state by calming the mind. It's also helpful for nausea during gestation.  Making a Fertility Nest  Make your fertility nest your own style. Choose a handbasket that resonates with you and your mate. You can choose to embellish it or use Tupperware, it's over to you. Buy these 5 tumbled monuments. Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz. The Carnelian represents your holy Chakra which is responsible for your reproductive organs, and the Clear Quartz will amplify the vibration of the other four chargers. These are fairly common and affordable monuments, which can be bought on Amazon or eBay. Make sure they are genuine. You can also buy them at any magic or metaphysical store in your area if you're new at copping chargers.   Coming, clear your chargers by putting them outside in the sun or moonlight for 24 hours. Place your chargers in your handbasket. Sit on the bottom facing your mate. Hold the handbasket between the two of you, and imagine a white light coming in from your crown, down your arms, into your hands, and also into the chargers. You're now putting your intention into your chargers. Imagine that same white light coming from your chargers and girding you and your mate. Fantasize yourself pregnant or holding your New baby. Concentrate on that good feeling. You're now raising your vibration!  Place your nest in a place in your home where you see it regularly. Every time you see this nest you'll have a positive intention, and will be adding a positive vibration to your desire. 




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