Is there a connection between Jealousy and Love?

Is there a connection between Jealousy and Love?

Is there a connection between Jealousy and Love?_ichhori.webP

It is curious to think of jealousy and love as being interrelated. Think about it, if one didn’t love you, is it necessary to be jealous? Isn’t the opposite of love indifference? However, knowing the relationship between jealousy and love is tricky. Let’s share the connection between jealousy and love and whether or not they are as related as many people seem to think they are. In truth, no, jealousy and love are not similar. Jealousy can be exhibited to someone whom you do not love, and sometimes there is love entirely free from jealousy. Here there is no need to give a definition of Love as already many have their own imaginary words for Love.  Let’s look at this addition.

Jealousy and love

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is an intense feeling of insecurity or concern over another person. Jealousy is wanting to rule what another person will, who they talk over with, and how they move with others. Wanting another person’s time, attention, and focus. Concern over another person’s loyalty. Anger or frustration at perceiving another person to be distracted or disloyal.

Is jealousy bad?

The role of jealousy in relationships may be a polemic one. Some folks assume it’s entirely acceptable to be jealous of the person you're keen on, and a few even believe that it’s a compulsory feature of a relationship. If you're keen on somebody, why wouldn’t you be jealous of them?

Cultural and non-secular jealousy

This additionally has a massive cultural part thereto similarly. Jealousy in Arab cultures is much more acceptable and expected than in western cultures. Jealousy in western cultures is perceived as being dominant, artful, and probably abusive. seldom is jealousy a positive characteristic in an exceeding partner in western cultures, although the alternative (disinterest, lack of concern) is additionally not fascinating either. In Islam, there's an appropriate kind of jealousy known as Ghayrah that primarily means a kind of protecting concern for your partner’s success, a need for them to be safe or to not be shared with others. It’s jealousy, however not the virulent and dangerous jealousy that we have a tendency to generally go together with. That being aforementioned, like all things, it is often exploited or mistranslated to make a case for a way abusive or unhealthy relationship behaviors.

Are jealousy and love connected?

A big idea that a lot of folks have expertise on, notably in societal relationships, is that the concept of jealousy and love are interlacing. They assume that jealousy arises when one is deeply in love, and if somebody is exhibiting dominant behavior over you, they have to love you. I don't believe this to be correct in any respect, however. I’ve seen several instances wherever extremely jealous partners don't essentially love the person they're with. Let the American state offer you an example.

Say you've got a bike or car. It’s reasonably a stinky one; it’s not terribly nice, not terribly new, and doesn’t run o.k.. you're victimizing the automobile and it works for you currently, however you've got completely no intentions of keeping this car or bike longer than you've got to, and you’re doing everything you'll to save lots of up enough cash for a nicer, better car or bike, so you will hold with care, while will not another one to steal it until you get a new one.

Jealousy and love

Do you love this car? No. You’d like a special automobile in an exceeding heartbeat. But, does one need someone else to steal it? Does one need someone else to wreck it, dent it, or destroy it? completely not. You’d be furious.

Relationships are often precisely like this. you will not essentially love the opposite person, however, you'll still have a way of possession and management over that person. If your partner is exhibiting signs of jealousy, this can be not an overflow of feelings and affection. This might simply be the manifestation of someone with management, insecurity, and anger issues.

An example of jealousy and love not being connected

I have an admirer. She dated a person and lived with him for a few years before she recognized that he was cheating. once she recognized it, she became agitated (understandably). He begged her to not leave him, aforementioned he was sorry, came up with 1,000,000 excuses and reasons why he did it and ensured he’d ne'er bang once more. She told him she would think about staying with him and dealing it out if they may come back up with some type of answer to re-establish trust. Another issue she offered was an open relationship, wherever every person may date who they wished and be utterly open and honest concerning it. the person became angry and insisted that he would ne'er indicate her dating or being with anybody else. He exhibited signs of classic jealousy, however, he had been utterly unfaithful. This goes back to the purpose that jealousy doesn't equal love. you'll be dominant, obsessive, and artful, even over someone you don’t notably love. So, if you’re with someone, and they use their jealous nature as justification for love once different signs don't seem to be indicating that they love you, don’t take that as over it is: dominant and self-serving.

Is jealousy selfishness?

Many people associate jealous feelings with a way of stinginess as a result of you swinging your feelings of insecurity and concern over the comfort and trust of your partner. I tend to assume it’s a touch bit more nuanced than that, particularly once it involves cultural concerns. I believe that jealousy is schooled in bound cultures as a part of love, therefore it’s not entirely honest to accuse them of stinginess in this sense. However, there must be a middle ground. There must be an affordable sense of trust and love mixed concernedly. If your partner is creating you're feeling miserable with their jealousy or is dominating you past the purpose of comfort, that isn’t a corroborative partner.


While reminder jealousy is a part of several, several relationships, however, this jealousy manifests itself and can confirm if it’s a health concern or virulent manipulation,  jealousy alone isn't an adequate indicator of romantic feelings or love.

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