Women as keepers of peace and conflict resolution



Briefly introduce the topic of women's roles in peacekeeping and conflict resolution.

Provide a thesis statement that outlines the main arguments of your essay.

Historical Perspective

1) Explore historical examples of women involved in peace efforts, such as the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom founded in 1915.

2) Discuss the limitations and challenges women faced in participating in peace movements in the past.

Women in Contemporaries Conflict Resolution

1) Examine the prominent role of women in modern conflict resolution initiatives, like the peace process in Northern Ireland with figures like Mairead Maguire and Betty Williams.

 2) Discuss the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, emphasizing its importance in recognizing women's contributions.

 Unique Attributes of Women in Peacekeeping

1) Analyze the qualities that women often bring to peacekeeping, such as empathy, communication skills, and a focus on community-building.

2) Provide examples of successful conflict resolution efforts where women played pivotal roles.

Challenges Faced by Women in Peacekeeping

1) Discuss the persistent gender biases and obstacles that women encounter when engaging in peace and conflict efforts.

2) Address the importance of overcoming these challenges to promote gender equality in this field.

Case Studies

1) Present case studies from various regions or conflicts where women have made significant contributions to peace and reconciliation.

 2) Analyze the strategies and approaches employed by women in these specific contexts.

Women as Bridge Builders

1) Emphasize the role of women as bridge builders between conflicting parties, drawing from examples like Leymah Gbowee's work in Liberia.

2) Discuss the impact of women's ability to foster dialogue and cooperation.

The Way Forward

1) Highlight the importance of continued support for women's involvement in peacekeeping and conflict resolution.

2) Suggest policy recommendations or strategies to further empower women in this field.


1) Summarise the key points of your essay.

2) Reiterate the significance of women as keepers of peace and conflict resolution. 3) End with a thought-provoking closing statement.

Remember to use credible sources and citations to support your arguments throughout the essay. This outline should help you structure your essay and reach the desired word count.

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