Crop Top or Crop Mind?

What do we girls like most in our lives? Whole world says that the favourite item in a girl’s life is the Diamond but I am pretty sure that it’s the wardrobe that she likes the most in her life. Just like other girls, my wardrobe is my favourite place where I keep all my favorite things such as my dresses, jewelry, bags, files and my heart!

We girls love to shop for new trendy dresses, don’t we? You can measure the personality of any girl by the way she keeps/manages her wardrobe but be careful; you can trouble her for many things but just cannot touch her wardrobe without her permission. And if she shows her wardrobe to you on her own, you must consider yourself very lucky indeed.


All girls have one thing in common when it comes to their wardrobes. And that common element is that we all have trendy dresses which we love but hesitate to wear them when we want to. So, every girl has that one or two pairs of dresses which she buys with passion and excitement but feels very hesitant to wear because those dresses are short.

If girl wears short or even a bit revealing dresse, they get judged by so called society. And mind you that our own parents and family members are also part of that society. This is what has been happening in our society that people make you feel worthless if you choose your choice of YOUR OWN life. If the narrow-minded people stop thinking like this about us, so many girls who are trapped in their rooms, can go out, grow up and conquer the world. Are we a domain of these guys? They think girls wear clothes to lure boys. Well, let me tell you in simple words that we DON’T.

Girls like to wear trendy clothes to look beautiful and more importantly because it’s our choice. Those who comment on any girl’s dress, whether they are boys, girls, aunties or uncles, the problem is not in the dress or the girl, the problem is in the mind of these narrow-minded people. Do they even know that in ancient times, a woman never used to even wear a blouse? So, you guys really think that the rape cases, eve teasing, acid attacks have been happening because of our short dresses. The list of #MeToo goes on and on.

iChhori feels sorry for those narrow-minded people because they could not grow their mind morally or even otherwise. The problem is in the way they have been raised by their parents. In most of the families, we can see the difference in the way a boy is raised versys the female child. The women are taught to have to adjust for everything and females are forced to be nicer and more mannerly compared to the boys in the family. The men are raised like the lord of the nation by not even teaching the manners to respect their own sister and mother and the boys are given whatever they want and that too, instantly. This trend in the families is making the boys stubborn and when they need something their mind does not let them adjust until they get what they want. They force their way of life on others and hence they see short dresses as an act of cheapness and invitation for sex, rather rape!

Girls do not have crop top but people have crop mind!

Why a girl is forced to wear the dresses which cover her most of the body even if she is not comfortable in it. In my opinion, men and women have got equal right to choose what they want. Stopping them to achieve their own way of life is just not appropriate and it should not be acceptable. short dress is not an excuse for sexual harassment.


When was the last time you heard about guy being a cheap one, just because he wore a short dress or went topless in public? Boys are allowed to go even nude and this is considered to be an act of heroics. While on the other side, girls are labelled as prostitutes, if they choose to wear the dress of their choice. What a great level of thinking and what a society we have been developing so far. It disgusts me to witness such double standard of our society. The men are supposed to be taking care of women, they are supposed to be standing by our sides, they are supposed to be pampering us for the life but we  get thrashed, raped and gang raped. A group of men force themselves onto a timid, scared, fragile and innocent girl and the society blames the girl for wearing the short dress. Those who call themselves men after such acts should bear in mind that the girl is the real men in the act, she fights a group of aggressive and uncontrollable men, bears all the pain and still stands up and moves on in life. You and your cheap thinking is not enough to stop her from rising up and standing tall!


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