Be iChhori: Public Etiquette for Ladies

Whenever I am in public, I see lot of girls doing things which I don’t think they should be doing in public. We all should follow etiquette while in public. I have seen girls scratching their breasts by putting their hand under shirt even in a mall. They seem weird, manner less and less sensitive towards public behavior.  If you are at home, you can do anything you want as it’s your private area but when you are in public you need to behave the way you would expect others to behave in a public place. If you are a modern day chhori, you got to have some manners which other can appreciate and you do not have to cut a sorry figure in public. Let’s point out some ‘not to do things’ when you are in a public place such as mall, market, Delhi metro, cinema halls, college canteen, office gathering etc.

Picking your nose:

You are in train, bus or at a traffic signal; the most common sight is of people around you picking their noses. It looks disgusting and manner less. No matter how well you are dressed or how hot you look, you will lose all your charm if you are seen picking your nose. This manner less act can cost you the first impression, your first date, your promotion and even your job interview. So chhories, please save the action for your private room or bathroom, please.

Scratching your privates:

Some of the girls do not care about the public around them and they scratch their vag/breasts even in public as if no one is watching them. You have no idea how bad and bizarre it looks when someone puts a finger or two between the legs and keeps repeating it in public. If it feels itchy, please do so in your private area not among lots of people. When girls scratch their private parts in public, they seem to attract a lot of negative attention and some guys even create a wrong perception about whole thing.

Adjusting your cloths inappropriately:

Have you seen someone’s belly and panty colour just because she decided to lift her top up to adjust her dress in public? Yah, it seems common these days. Some just put their hands in pants to adjust their leggings. If you are not comfortable and ready to step out in public please do not. Its better to take your time compared the embarrassment you might face when you expose yourself while adjusting your cloths. At times, girls forget to adjust the cloths which they should such as the legging goes in to the crack if you sit for longer duration and when you walk around it looks weird to see the cloths in the butt crack. It accentuates the butts and cloths look untidy from behind. Another such example is the camel toe. Camel toe becomes quite visible when the legging is quite tight. iChhori suggests that you should take care of your cloths well before you step out in public.

Adjusting your bra:

This is the most common activity which girls get indulged into, irrespective of the place they are at. I have seen every girl adjusting the bra even now and then. Some adjust it from front; some from behind and some just get their hands inside the top and complete the task. No matter how they do it, it does not look nice and takes away all the elegance from your personality. Either choose the right type of bra or keep your assets clean to avoid itching and discomfort of the weather.

At iChhori we believe in elegance and best possible behaviour of females. We must look our best and we must act our best. After all we are the creators and guys look up to us. So let’s live up to their dreams and fantasies!

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