What is Puberty age? What are the changes in puberty?

 Puberty Age is the time when a kid starts to change from being a child to a young adult girl. The bodily changes during puberty are caused by hormones which are chemically produced in the body. All these hormones work together to bring the changes in the body. Just like boys, the girls too have their puberty changes at the age of eight to thirteen but often, the first change happens around 10 to 12 year of age.



For all you girls, I know it’s hard to accept that first change in your body but what if you already know what puberty changes are going to happen in your body. I am sure it will help you in facing those changes.

So let’s talk about the changes during puberty. During puberty age, the ovaries get bigger and your body will start to produce two hormones- oestrogen and progesterone.

Oestrogen causes a lot of puberty changes and helps your breast to grow, and your vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes to develop. It also changes the fat, stored on your body making your waist, hips, and butts more obvious and accentuated. After puberty, oestrogen, and progesterone control your periods.

The main changes during puberty include the following:

  • You get taller and stronger.

  • You will get an increase in sweating.

  • You get more oil in your skin and skin becomes comparatively oilier.

  • Hair grow around genitals, under the arms and under legs.

The influx of hormones during puberty can cause a range of feelings or emotions in young women and these feelings can change quite often. You might get:

  • Sudden mood changes.

  • Some changes in situational emotions.

  • And an involuntary increase in sexual feelings and fantasies.

Girls bodies increase in size and shape during puberty age. The vagina and nipples get bigger and the breasts develop, sometimes unevenly.There are some other changes including pubic hair and vaginal discharge. It is the increase in the mucus secretion in the vagina.

This detail hopefully will make you feel comfortable about all the puberty changes which you or your known one might have been going through. There is no need to be worried and concerned if you are close to your teens and have been seeing these changes in your body.

Puberty has its own biological timetable that you can’t control and you should not try to control it as it’s a natural process. To learn about delayed puberty in females, you can read this article.

While going through their puberty age so many girls feel extremely self-conscious, the reason is simple that the society is watching over every change in your body and people do not leave any or miss any chance to point that change out.

Puberty changes should not only be accepted by you but also the society. Society and people around girls should understand that the changes in the girls bodies are part of normal and natural process.

So girls, stop worrying about the puberty changes, accept them and get ready for the lovely life waiting ahead for you!

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