Suicide is NOT a solution :#TeenSuicide

 Suicide is one of the scariest words ever! It’s definitely not something which is fun to talk about; Suicide is an act of taking one’s own life. It involves the state of depression which a person goes through when one feels left out, rejected, dejected, unwanted etc. This September- the month of suicide prevention let’s talk about how not to commit suicide and how to deal with the depression.


One must understand that life is the most precious gift of the God, and hence we must value it, treasure it, take care of it and we must love every bit of it. Life is not a moment which can be ended just like that; it takes years to build what you are, to be what a man or woman can be. Problems are everywhere; it’s the nature of human life. After all, who does not have problems in this entire world? Some have bigger problems and some have minor ones but we all have been struggling with our own share of troubles. If we have some troubles in our lives, it does not mean we will end our lives. There is a way to deal with everything, so rather than quitting your life or getting it to an end, think twice about the purpose of life and what all you went through to be who you are today.

Let iChhori help everyone about how to deal with the suicide idea.

Talk to someone close to you:

When in this state of mind you always need someone to understand you. You may not be aware of what you should do, so talk to someone who you think can spend time with you. Be open about what he or she can help you with. This step can solve a lot of problems.


Keep busy- Do what you like:

Stop thinking about only the bad time; try doing things what you like to do the most. Doing what you like will divert the attention to interesting and engaging activities in the life. One you know what things make you feel better; it will be easy for you to keep yourself distracted from the depression.

Get Help- visit a Doctor:

This is needed; there is no shame in seeking help. Go consult a doctor and share your problem in detail. Nothing can be better than a doctor when a human is physically or mentally unaware. So a professional help is required.

Go down the happy memory lane:

Your life was a dream at some point of time. Revisit those happy times and think about the happy moments of your life. Just take a notepad and start writing all the good things that happened in life, you can read about those whenever you feel low.

Stop taking drugs or alcohol:

Use of drugs and alcohol cannot help you in anyway in thinking straight. The use of drugs and alcohol can affect the way you make decisions in your normal life. So stop the consumption of such addictive elements and bring the life back on the track.

Keep your home safe:

This thought of suicide is really dangerous; it can make you do things that you don’t want to even imagine in normal life. So make sure you don’t keep any such thing at home that can pose any threat to your safety or can help you take your life away.

Suicide is not the solution to any of your problem. It rather brings a lot of unimaginable problems for the ones who are directly or indirectly related to you. Life might have had a bad patch but there are many good memories also to cherish. Preserve and cherish good moments of your life, think about the smiles of the people whom you loved or love. Wouldn’t you care for those who are still there deep inside your heart? There cannot be a warrior without a brave thought. Never quit, be a fighter, be a warrior!

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