#SerenaWilliams: The news queen!

Mother is outspoken and daughter is her backbone. Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia is wearing her mother’s tutu’s mini version. As you can see, she looks so adorable in this dress. Like her Momma.


A few days back Serena Williams posted this pretty picture of her beautiful daughter Olympia. Olympia was wearing the same black mini tennis tutu that her mother was wearing during her recent face off. The 1-year old cheers and supports her mom.

By sharing this beautiful picture of her daughter the superstar mommy writes on her timeline “Did momma win?” this picture shows the little superstar Olympia supports the Nike brand “Tutu” with a pair of white little tiny shoes.

This little angel is so proud of her mother who always supports and fights for women’s rights.

Talking about her Black tutu which she rocked on 1st match of US Open 2018, her two-toned dress with fishnet tights, she looked comfortable and grabbed the score just like all her previous matches. It shows the choice of dress doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that how you carry that dress.

I call her the woman in “Blunt Black”.


Serena’s choice is stylish as always and she is making a subtle statement all the time with her bold look. If you remember just the day before the French Tennis Federation, she would be banned because she was wearing a black cat suit during her match in French Open. She gave the statement after the match that she had been wearing that dress for some medical reasons.

This ban thing spread across Serena’s fan and they came up with a conclusion of sexism exist in games also. Though she is the big supporter of woman empowerment, she ignored all back biting and back bitching about her. After getting pregnant and having a baby girl she said that she had already won the match.

Most of us females are called bitches at some point of time in our lives but are we really the one? Are we truly the slaves? Serena has a tone in her voice and remembers one thing that attitude comes in a particular tone. It is necessary some time to show attitude because this world is full of male supporters. If you can’t raise your voice then surely some other person will take the position.

Be like Serena, an iChhori with a goal in the mind, with a strategy to get there. Be blunt and let your tongue control all the brigades.


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