Can I have sex during periods?

Sex during periods is still a taboo in India and many have various doubts related to this topic. 

Experts say Sex during periods has immense benefits. Read further to know why

When a girl attains puberty she experiences menstrual cycle every month. Menstruation is a nature’s way of telling women that she is becoming fertile and growing into a healthy woman. This is a happy phase for every single woman. There are so many taboos related to periods and women are often neglected when they undergo menstrual cycle. One such belief is that sex during periods is unsafe. However this is not true. 

It is absolutely fine to have sex during your periods unless you and your partner are totally comfortable with it. Also study shows that sex during your periods could even make you happy by releasing endorphins. However sex during your periods could be messy and you should be ready to tackle the challenges. 

Let’s try to understand the pros and cons of period sex and also find ways to recreate the magic without worrying about the periods. 

Can you have sex during your periods?

Doctors give you a thumbs up and say that it is ok to have sex during your periods and it could be favorable by easing out the pain for women. Also having sex releases hormones such as oxytocin and endorphin. These hormones will relax your brain and will give you a feel-good experience. Endorphin is also responsible for easing out the pain and to reliving you from anxiety. 

What are the benefits of having sex during periods? 

You might get turned on 

During this time of the month you will have various emotions this is because of hormonal fluctuations, your sexual desire will be more and if your partner is ok with period sex there is no harm in trying it. 

Orgasms reduce your menstrual cramps 

Orgasms are the one which releases endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine which are the happy hormones. These hormones will relieve you from the menstrual cramps and pain that you experience during your periods. Also these hormones will take away all the period discomforts and will make you merry. 

Your vagina doesn’t need any additional lubrication 

If you’re planning to have sex during your menstrual days then, your menstrual discharge acts as a natural lubricating agent so you will not need any additional lubricants.  

Your periods will be shorter

It so happens that during orgasms your muscles tend to contract therefore the uterine contents gets pushed out faster; this makes your periods shorter. 

 Relief from Headache 

When you have periods you tend to have headache and various other problems. Having sex can calm you down and give a great relief from headaches. 

Will you get pregnant?

The chance of getting pregnant is lower when you have sex during your periods but there are few cases of positivity. A woman can get pregnant when you have sex just before and during the ovulation, also if you have a shorter menstrual cycle the chance of pregnancy is higher. However it is better to be safe by using a condom or any other birth control contraceptives if you aren’t actively trying for pregnancy. 

Safety measures 

There is high risk of STI getting transmitted to your partner through the menstrual blood. Viruses such as HIV are easily passed to the other person during an intercourse. Using protection will safely guard you and your partner against sexually transmitted diseases. Advice your partner to wear a condom for a safe and secure love making.

Few effective tips for a happy sex during your period

  • Talk to your partner and see if he is in game with it
  • It is important to talk to your partner before having sex during your periods, be open with him and explain how you feel. 
  • Spread out a dark colour bed spread or towel to avoid staining the bed 
  • Don’t be conscious about staining and making a mess. This will spoil the fun of sex and will definitely create an awkward situation. Be well-prepared before having sex. 
  • Try out different positions 
  • You can try out various positions for reducing the mess after having sex. 
  • Plan on a lighter days 
  • You will know when your flow will be heavy or light, talk to your partner and decide the dates accordingly. 
  • Keep wet wipes and cloth to avoid mess
  • The after effects can be a little too much to handle, to avoid that, keep wet wipes or wet towels to clean up. 
  • Try having sex in the bath or shower
  • It is a good idea, try making out under the shower. You might have a whole new experience and really like it. 

  • If you are using a tampon be sure to remove it before the intercourse
  • Do not forget to remove the tampon if you are using one. If you do the result can be severe and you might end up seeing a doctor. 
  • Do not forget to use a condom 
  • Be safe; use protection in order to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitting diseases. 
  • Make sure to respect the boundaries 
  • Keep communicating with your partner; explain your needs and desires. Get consent from your partner to mutually agree on the proceedings. This will make both you and your partner much happier.  

What are possible side effects when you have sex during periods?

The biggest downfall in having sex during your periods is staining the bed sheets and the bed; it makes you conscious and could spoil the fun. Apart from this there is a high risk of sexually transmitted disease when you have sex during your periods. These viruses are active in the blood stream and could easily transfer to your partner during sexual activity. 

Yeast Infections 

It is essential to be mindful about the yeast infections that are prevalent during periods for women and be careful not to pass it on to your partner. Talk to your physician and get it treated at the earliest. 

During that time of the month your genitals are sensitive and prone to catching infections, be sure to change your pads every 4 hrs. Wash your vagina occasionally and keep your private areas dry. 

Expert’s advice and suggestions 

Do not let your sex life take a back seat during your menstrual days. Prepare yourself along with your partner and follow these simple tips and have a happy sex.

Please note if you have any pain or discomfort it is better to avoid sex during your periods and inform your partner right away. 

Lauren streicher, MD, a professor of clinical obstretics and gynaecology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg school of Medicine tells that, from a medical point of view there is no harm in having sex during your menstrual days unless you have other problems such infections, pain, HIV positive and other rare conditions. 

 Dr.Kapur suggests that from a hygienic point of view period sex can be unhygienic and more likely of catching infections. 


Overall, period sex is safe and could be beneficial when handled properly with all the precautions and safety measures. Clear communication and understanding with your partner could be more beneficial and let you enjoy the sexual activity thoroughly. 


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